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Review by gscott521 See Profile

  • Location: London,ON
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 15 days
Good "Fast speeds, competetive prices."
Bad "Expect to be without Internet when installation is scheduled."
Overall "Good value for fast speeds and truly unlimited usage"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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The installation process was painful, but I get the feeling Rogers has designed the transfer process to be this way. Communication was non-existant about the installation delays, and updates were hard to get. I understand it would not be in Roger's best interest to make transfer of ISP to be seemless and easy.

Once service was up, there were issues. Service outages and congestion. But to the credit of the support team, they were able to resolve many issues to my satisfaction, which is more than what I could ever say of Bell and Rogers. Kudos to PhilR for being patient with me and getting resolution.

Hold times for phone support can be an hour or more, but there are so many other support chanels to choose from, from web chat, twitter, and support on this forum.

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TSI Pierre
Baby, Wanna see what 300Gigs looks like?
Chatham, ON

Thanks for the feedback...

and the update!

TSI Marty
Chatham, ON

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Thanks for the updated review! We are diligently working on increasing staff, by the end of this month we will have over 100 new members to the family that will directly impact our wait times that have been improving each week. We thank you for your loyalty and are glad that you are enjoying your services to the fullest