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Six Month Rating

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Review by Robert6719 See Profile

  • Location: London,ON
  • Cost: $57 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 60 days
Good "Lower prices, no contracts."
Bad "Must purchase modem. No modem firmware updates. Modem warranty issues. Overbilling issues. Runarounds between TSI and Rogers."
Overall "May experience installation issues. Beware of overbilling when switching services. Reliability issues. DSL is better overall."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Update 3

Downgrading again due to connection reliability issues. TSI blames Rogers. Rogers blames TSI. Meanwhile, service keeps going down for minutes or hours for unknown reasons.

Update 2

I am downgrading TSI's ratings due to recent events. My cable internet service suddenly stopped for no apparent reason. It then suddenly started about 15 hours later, again with no apparent reason. I now believe this was due to a mistake by Rogers but it revealed issues with TSI.

1. Long wait times and call back times during parts of the day. Waiting sometimes took hours. In the meantime, I was exposed to the most annoying, insipid music I have ever heard. Why is hold music even necessary? A simple tone or brief announcement every minute or two would be adequate. Call backs took up to half day.

2. The modem is not upgradeable, either by TSI or end users. TSI refuses to upgrade the modem unless a trouble ticket is filed with Rogers and Rogers indicated that the firmware is the issue. That means that customers must put up with the problems caused by an unsupported firmware until service is totally lost, probably for several days. IMHO, that's totally unacceptable. The problem emanates form Rogers' refusal to push firmware updates for TSI but TSI needs to resolve the issue. After the one year warranty expires, the only resolution for customers is to purchase a new modem for $99 + shipping + tax.

Update 1

I am upgrading my ratings based on the last 6 months of service. Due to a large influx of new customers and staff, TSI hit a really rough patch in the Fall of 2011. It's been much better since January 2012. Connection reliability has been almost 100%. Some caveats still apply, especially if switching cable service from Rogers cable to TSI or from TSI DSL to TSI cable. In particular, keep an eye open for overbilling when switching services with TSI.

2011 Review...

Where do I start? I had TSI DSL for 7-8 years and was very happy with the internet and customer service. TSI received 5 star reviews from me during that time. Then, it seemed that the DSL was becoming too slow to keep up with high speed streaming. Then it kept getting worse. DSL was not being upgraded in the area and there was no sign that it would be so I decided to switch from TSI DSL to TSI cable. That's when the nightmare began. Everything that could have gone wrong did. The installation was delayed due to a bad line. That's understandable but double billing for two services when I only had one is not. They even made me pay a month in advance for the cable, even though I had been a customer in good standing for over 7 years. They promised credits but they were not applied due to shortcomings in the billing system. That wouldn't be so bad but it became almost impossible to get through to customer service at times. Then there was the misinformation on the automated messaging that sent me around in circles until I ended up at the wrong department. The cable installer did a shoddy installation. I called to get it corrected but that hasn't been done. When the cable internet was activated, my email accounts stopped working and because someone forgot to transfer them to the cable account. Then the slow downs began because TSI took on to many customers and their network became overloaded. Then service was lost for hours at a time due to screw ups by Rogers. Then my emails started bouncing because TSI's mail servers are overloaded or misconfigured. What's next? Can anything else go wrong? TSI has gone from a premiere provider with top value for the money to a company in chaos in only two short months. It's time for TSI to wake up because Bell and Rogers are starting to look good in comparison.

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TSI Danielle

re: Update 2

Hi Robert,

Can you please post in the »TekSavvy Direct with your account information. I want to have a look at the modem issue and see what I can do.

TSI Danielle
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