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Six Month Rating

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Review by BellisHell See Profile

  • Location: Brampton,ON
  • Cost: $120 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Excellent Transparency, Blasing fast connection off peck"
Bad "Transfer process just a bit wonky, slow downs + high pings, and modem requirements are vague ATM!"
Overall "New or old, it's the same good ol' TekSavvy I know!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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*Old TekSavvy Review (2011 - 2014)*

I was a hesitant switcher due to the massive amounts of reviews saying "I can not recommend Teksavvy to anyone anymore". But I bit the bullet and called up Teksavvy to order their home phone service along with cable internet. The ordering process was quick, easy and every bit of info I needed was given. The installer came on time and installed everything to my liking, with a bit of that rogers walled garden but that was a non-issue. There was also that disconnection issue that happened in the Brampton area but I wasn't to affected by it though I did become a STAC 02.16 firmware tester to see if the issues were resolved (and believed or not, it worked!). Teksavvy is the only company that wanted to work with me to solve an issue like that disconnection issue. I have been with Bell, Rogers, 3Web, Acanac, and many others, they just can't compare to what Teksavvy can offer to us. I don't write reviews often for different companies, as writing a bad review of those folks are a waste of my time and bandwidth. Teksavvy's the only company that had made me feel that it is worth anything to write a positive review about them. Thanks Teksavvy, I'm a very happy camper.


My connection is still running strong! No disconnects and excellent speeds during peak hours here in the Brampton region. Now, I can truly say that this connection of mine is definitely reliable, enough that I can trust IP Telephony.

I have switched to TekTalk for home phone as of now. Nothing wrong with the service at all, just that there's tons of static on Bell's behalf. As a recent switcher, I decided to do away of anything Bell related and move to the more modern IP telephony way of home phone.

Update as of AUG 29, 2013*

Being hit with the infamous "blinking uplink light", my connection has suffered in tiny disconnects and frustration. I want to believe that TekSavvy isn't at fault because I know it is for the most part Rogers, but it is really hard not to do so. Reason being is that CS just out right seems off, not how it was in the past where it was straight forward. I have a feeling they are also blaming my own equipment, which I know 110% is working fine. I have contemplated on switching to Start Communications, but what is the point if the issues are still there? Seriously, I'd rather have Rogers loosen the death grip on IISP's than to deal with IISP's on incumbent network issues to no avail.

Update as of Sept. 17, 2013*

Had my disconnection issues looked at by a Link-On technician, and the connection now seems to be working fine. I have filed a speed profile change and I am currently waiting for that to be processed. I will update my review on that as the days go by.

Update As of Apr. 18, 2014*

After using my connection since the last time I updated this review, nothing has changed. No disconnects, hiccups...NADA. This is what you would call a completely stable and reliable connection. But after some severe debate with my family and myself, I have decided to switch to another IISP by May 3rd. No, this is not the fault of TekSavvy. I am leaving at my own discretion. Perhaps in search for experience of a wider ecosystem of ISP. I will say this... I WILL return to TekSavvy when that experience ride of mine is nothing but sourness, crap and a waste of my time as TekSavvy will seem like the only haven in the entire ecosystem. Even when I leave, I will still recommend TekSavvy to everyone switching to an IISP for the first time or from notoriously bad IISPs. Don't take my word for it, switch and experience what you have missed out with your big telco or cable company.

*New TekSavvy Review (2014 - ?)*

Update as of Sept. 23rd 2014*

I'm back TekSavvy! It's funny, since I found out about the new plans TekSavvy has and one of the plans particularly stood out, the 150Mbps/15Mbps Unlimited plan @ 119.95 a month. I'm currently waiting for the cancellation of my current IISP (and the release of modem). I'll update during the transfer process and usage of the service as I did for my old review.

Update as of Oct. 3rd 2014*

I know it has been a while. With only a days worth of downtime (very acceptable, IMHO)... WOOOOT! I got my internet connection! And it's pretty darn fast and stable!


The technician came on time and went, leaving a pristine connection in place. I couldn't be any happier. (I can not vouch for everyone's experience with techs though)

Throughout the process, TekSavvy kept me up to date on my order status and was completely transparent in regards to the installation of my connection.

I can say that this is the very experience I had when I first went with TekSavvy (With the old 28/1 300gb plan).

I will continue to update for reliability and connection speeds as I use the connection. Thanks TekSavvy!

Update as of Oct. 10th 2014*

It's been a week, and I have been loving my internet connection! My connection has been 110+ mbps even during peek, and the line quality is excellent and stable.


Update as of Nov. 11th 2014*

Speed test between 7 PM to 11 PM: »www.speedtest.net/my-result/3902512633
Speedtest 11 PM after: »www.speedtest.net/my-result/3902630396

It's been a month of using my connection. For the most part, it is pretty good until the start of last 2 weeks where I have been getting pretty bad congestion pass 7 PM. As well, I have noticed the 150 plans weren't there anymore (it was pretty shocking as I just recently signed up). I do realise that it is about rogers imposing modem/gateway requirements on 150+ plans. To be honest, the whole situation seems to be shrouded in mystery and as a recent subscriber to the 150 plan, I'm way more confused than anything else in this regard. I have also noticed the speed slow downs and high pings seems to be clockwork plus/minus 5 minutes when it happens (To me, it seems this was done intentionally and suddenly). If push comes to shove, I will not yield to a price tag of $300+ on a gateway for 150+ plans on TekSavvy. I already have a solid backbone for Wireless (AC) and ethernet networking (painstakingly perfected to support 1Gbps fibre services in the future), so I have no use for an 'All-in-one' device. In conclusion, I hope to receive clarification soon on the gateway requirement part.

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updated 37 days ago


TSI Ashleigh
Chatham, ON


Hello Bellishell,

Thank you for the great review. I am happy to see you have been enjoying the service thoroughly and you did not have any issues with installing the services. This is great to hear! Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

In regards to your current service you shouldn’t be receiving disconnects. I would be more than happy to look into your account and assist with investigating what is happening with your connection to find a solution for you. Please feel free to message us directly in the Direct forum. We are happy to help.

Thank you again for this review!!

TSI Ashleigh - E-Services.
Authorized TekSavvy Employee



Problems with connectivity since technician set up

Technician set up my teksavvy Sept 5 - since that time I have not once had the internet up and working. I've sat on hold 4 different nights for 1 hour, and have logged a tech support ticket. Have not been contacted or successfull got through once. Has anyone else experienced this? I want to give them the benefit of the doubt as I am not very technical and its probably something fixable - but I cant get throught to anyone!

TSI Jonathan

Re: Problems with connectivity since technician set up

Hi KrissyB79,

I am very sorry to read about your experience so far. I would like my team to look into your situation and try their best to assist you in resolving this issue. Could you post with your account information in the direct forum »TekSavvy Direct if you haven't done so already?

Thank you,

TSI Jonathan
Online Experience Manager
Authorized TSI employee - Teksavvy Solutions Inc.

TSI Jonathan


Thanks for the quick update BellisHell, please keep us posted and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us.

TSI Ashleigh
Chatham, ON

Updated Review

Hello BellisHell,

Thank you for the updated review. We are sorry to see you leave however we certainly do understand. It is excellent that you will continue to be an advocate for TekSavvy even though you are going to another provider.

Thank you very much for the review and if you have any further questions or concerns TekSavvy can be reached directly in the Direct forum »TekSavvy Direct.

TSI Ashleigh - Social Media Team
Authorized TekSavvy Employee

Chatham, ON


Hello Bellishell,

Thanks so much for the update!

I'm glad to hear that you plan to switch to the Cable 150/15 with us, this is excellent news!

I see that you plan to keep us updated on this process, please be sure to! We love being kept up to date and being able to help whenever we can.

Best regards,

TSI Kris
Chatham, ON

Updated review


Awesome to hear it's still rock solid and that you're still happy with us! Please let us know if you need anything - we're always glad to help.

TSI Kris

TSI Andre
Got TekSavvy?
Chatham, ON


thanks for posting updates. I am happy to see your connection is rock solid.

Happy Thanksgiving