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Review by sas See Profile

  • Location: Scarborough,ON
  • Cost: $48 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 11 days
Good "Responsive to Customers. Real people on the phone and online. Large bandwith allowance. Reasonable price."
Bad "Install co-ordination could be better. Sales/service could've been trained more."
Overall "Best bang for my bucks (under review as of Dec. 8)"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Update #3: 2011-12-15

Got internet on the cable back on December 12, quite late at night. Not sure what really happened. TS support probably had no idea either! Anyway, I am glad I got it back. I revised my rating for "connection reliability" from 1 (worse) to 2 (just under average ,maybe?). This pretty much reflect TekSavvy's wholesaler "Rogers" cable internet reliability. TS has no control whatsoever on the reliability as the DHCP outage has proved. Rating for "value for money" is now back to 5 (best).

End of update #3



Update #2: 2011-12-11

I still have no access to the internet via TS cable service. Post my problem in the TS direct forum, I got prompt responses. However, the responses have not solve the problem!

They passed on the message from Rogers to me via the forum. The message stated that I was online with x.x.x.x IP address, with instructions to cycle power of the modem. I never had an IP address and could not log on the modem to find out what happened! I have contacted TS tech support a second time after following the instructions posted in the TS direct and failing to get an IP address on the modem. We went through the same troubleshooting steps as the first time and finally gave up. The same ticket went back to Rogers. Another message from Rogers, posted by TS agent , indicated I also have had an IP. I never had one.

I wished TS tech support would call me when they Rogers response so that we can verify Rogers claim, which I find hard to trust! Because of the non-result tech support, I now revised the rating for tech support form 5 (best) to 3. Services from 5 (best) to 3. Vaule for money from 5 (best) to 4.

End of update #2



Update: 2011-12-08

My cable internet is down today. I don't know when it started. Last night I still used it until 6pm. Went to work. When I started my computer at 11:20am this morning, I realized the internet did not work. My router report that I have no IP address. I went to the usual steps of power off computer, router, and modem, renew ip address, but they did not help.

I called TS tech support but after 40 minutes on the phone, he could not help me to get back online. There was a pre-recorded message about an outage in the Toronto area. TS tech put in a ticket for me, regarding my call, but I have to wait 48 hours for a response. He asked me to keep power-cycling the modem to see if I can get any connection: none so far.

I now revise this review and downgrade the connection reliability to zero (no connection) to reflect the situation.

End of update


Service+Performance+Trust/Price = best ratio out there in the GTA and maybe in Ontario. Most phone calls, forum questions, and emails are answered or replied quickly, in a responsive and professional manner. Bandwidth allowance is generous. For me, these points are attractive and will keep me with them.

The reason why I give them 4 stars for install coordination is that their sales staff don't seem aware of the current DHCP outage. Also, they don't know much about the installation guidelines that Rogers has to provide to customer at minimum. They did transfer me to tech staff to answer the questions.

2011-11-11: Call TS sales to confirm no "stop sell". I plan to buy the "extreme" starter kit from Canada Computers. TS confirms that even though I will buy the DOCSIS 3.0 DCM475 modem, it is it's OK to use with express or lite when I want to downgrade. I, however, must enrolled on extreme on first free month. I can change account in second month and pay $5 change fee.

2011-11-12: I plan to disconnect my cable TV at a later date. Contact TS Martin on dlsreport forum about effect of disconnecting TV cable and installation time slots. He confirms there is no ill effects on the performance of the internet on cable, if Rogers only disconnect TV service. I was worried about Rogers installation appointments out of past experience. He assured there are 4 times slots to choose from.

2011-11-18: Buy starter kit. Call TS to register. Scheduled installation on November 29. Got email for order confirm same day. She is very helpful but not quite knowledgeable to my questions. I think she had to put me on hold 2 times to get the answers. The last question, I was transferred to tech support for an answer. Tech staff assured outage should end by the time I get service.

2011-11-21: Got invoice in email.

2011-11-29@10am. Rogers tech called and said would arrive at 10:30am. He arrived quite soon. I was quite worried out of past experience with Rogers, that the tech will just do a quick and dirty job to leave. Turned out he was quite pleasant to deal with. He introduced his name, and a handshake. He did not work for Rogers. His jacket had the embroiled words "on contract for Rogers".

Once inside my house, he quickly inspected site and size the job. I showed him the hole in the wall I drilled yesterday. Incidentally its raining all day, so the pre-drilled hole kept him working long in the rain. I explained I did not desire to have the cable running across the house, thus the drilled hole on the wall. He agreed.

He went outside, opened the grey box, test the cable from the ground check the splitter. Run a long cable from the box into the hole on the outside brick wall. I pulled the cable from inside. The cable run took only a minute. He went back inside to test the signal. I quickly powered up TS DCM475 modem and hooked it to the computer. When he handed me the cable, I plugged it to the modem.

To my surprise, it only took a few minutes to get Google page. I'm on the net. Run a speed test for proof, while he stapled the cable to the outside brick wall. Despite of the advertised extreme cable speed of 24Mbps on dl, the speed test only showed 7.4Mbps.

I contacted TS on TSdirect forum, and was told that my ATA phone adapter/router was the problem. Upon removing the ATA from the cable modem, I got flying colors speed test at 49Mbps.

Once I re-installed my Dlink router and ATA phone adapter, the speed was reduced. Not sure why but still happy. Over all, the installation was easier than I think. I am lucky in a way the DCHP does not seem to affect me the way I feared. I think it a good move.

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