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Six Month Rating

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Review by donl See Profile

  • Location: Brampton,ON
  • Cost: $53 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Bad "Good until you have problems"
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My Other Reviews

·Electronic Box
I signed up in April and everything was working quite well up until Dec 14 when I wouldn't obtain an IP. Called Tek and they went through the usual ping, ipconfig test. They finally opened a ticket with Rogers. Not hearing from Tek over 24 hrs later, I called them and looks like Rogers gotten back to them with my ticket but no one at Tek called to let me know. Anyhow still couldn't get an IP and again went over the same ipconfig...etc. I am now in my 5th day of outage.

Before this occurred I never had issues, even recommended Tek to family and friends, but a lot is learned from this outage. The length of time it will take to resolved, tech support troubleshooting is pretty much a script, does the same thing each time, even when they are aware of an outage. I understand at times they are at the mercy of Rogers but it has comes to the point where they use this excuse as an escape code and leave paying customers in the dark, it's never teaksavvy's fault. Needless to say, I cannot recommend Tek at this time and is considering switching to Rogers, pay a bit more for reliability.

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