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Six Month Rating

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Review by yyzUnderdog See Profile

  • Location: Mississauga,ON
  • Cost: $60 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Like the price, speed, independent spirit, personal touches, support from reseller"
Bad "Spotty performance in the evening hours"
Overall "If you have a stable Rogers Cable connection, probably worth looking at - that's what I did"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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So far, so good with Teksavvy. I had a great TSI reseller walk me through the process and had dual rogers and TSI lines up for about 1 month just in case I didn't like the service. All things considered, a little less reliable than Rogers, and some more noticable slowdowns at peak, but worth the effort.

Not looking back. And fingers crossed that TSI balances out their quality of service.

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Beef Eater

North York, ON

is it possible to have concurrent TSI & Rogers connections?

How did you manage to have a dual Rogers and TSI setup? A TSI rep have just told me over the phone that I cannot have both at the same time; it is either Rogers or TSI. Meaning, I have to pull the plug on Rogers before I can test the TekSavvy IP connection.

I am terrified of switching to a service that is not really reliable in my area, and would love to test it for a couple of months before pulling the plug on my current provider, Rogers. The Rogers cable internet has been very reliable here, but it costs $$$, usually comes with a term contract, and the monthly traffic limits are somewhat imposing, unless you pay more $$$.

Please can you tell if there is a way to have a TSI line running while maintaining the current Rogers connection. Is it what you managed to do?

Mississauga, ON

Re: is it possible to have concurrent TSI & Rogers connections?

Yes. You are correct. I think it was how the order was placed by my tsi reseller. It was a "new" line for a basement as opposed to replacing the Rogers setup. When the tech arrived, he was great. It saved him work. He tested the line and I had him close the ticket right there from his laptop which activated it. He was very pleasant and helpful. Once that was done I had two active lines. Used tsi exclusively until I was satisfied and then closed down Rogers a month later.
Beef Eater

North York, ON

Re: is it possible to have concurrent TSI & Rogers connections?

Thank you. A new line... now it makes sense!