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Review by behrouzef See Profile

  • Location: North York,ON
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Bad "Extremely Angry"
Overall "If service does not change i will go back to rogers along with all the people i helped switch over."
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Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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I am very angry and unsatisfied with the service and quality of teksavvy for the whole time i have been a customer, when i had rogers i was getting 12 - 15 Mbps allways never any lower even at peak times, now that i have teksavvy, im paying for 15 Mbps which now they changed it to advertise as 18Mbps on their site and what do i get? on average i get .5 Mbps to 4 Mbps which is lower than their basic cable 24.95 service most of the time, and thats just the beginning,, i have been doing multiple tests on a daily basis and my ping and quality tests all ways every single time are either an E or F grade which is very concerning, significant packet loss and line delays.. and the speed im getting is not worth 40 plus tax at all, i am getting scammed to the max.

when it comes to getting their money they are very strict and to the point but when it comes to people getting ripped off they dont care, their customer service reps are rude and do not show any sign of caring for the customers or the company, i dont know if they are slaves that dont get paid or if they just hate their jobs but they are not representatives of the company in any way, its like talking to some random person about your issues.

If i dont start getting what im paying for i will demand a refund for the duration of my service that i have been paying 40 plus tax for 15 - 18 Mbps and instead getting .5 - 4 Mbps..

i will give it another month and see if this continues, if nothing improves i will look up exactly when i should cancel so that they cant charge me for another month and i will just sign a contract with rogers or bell. AT LEAST THERE I LOSE 5 DOLLARS HERE AND 2 DOLLARS THERE, BUT EVER SINCE I HAVE SWITCHED TO TEKSAVVY I AM LOSING 30 DOLLARS EVERY MONTH BECAUSE THIS SERVICE WOULD BE UNACCEPTABLE EVEN UNDER THEIR BASIC CABLE SERVICE FOR 24.95


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updated 2.7 years ago


North York, ON


at 12:34 am !!!!!!!!!!!!! this is every day and night not just peak hours

North York, ON

Re: update

C:\Users\Dell>tracert google.ca

Tracing route to google.ca []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 422 ms 458 ms 594 ms
2 491 ms 282 ms 331 ms
3 749 ms 728 ms 1043 ms
4 919 ms 843 ms 714 ms yorkmills1.cable.teksavvy.com []
5 1114 ms 949 ms 1101 ms yorkmills2.cable.teksavvy.com []
6 797 ms 923 ms 509 ms
7 871 ms 723 ms 735 ms
8 689 ms * 226 ms
9 753 ms 474 ms 494 ms yyz06s07-in-f23.1e100.net []

Trace complete.

C:\Users\Dell>tracert tsi.teksavvy.com

Tracing route to tsi.teksavvy.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 615 ms 882 ms 423 ms
2 227 ms 92 ms 282 ms
3 789 ms * 110 ms
4 615 ms 631 ms 628 ms yorkmills1.cable.teksavvy.com []
5 1306 ms 739 ms 382 ms yorkmills1.cable.teksavvy.com []
6 265 ms 475 ms 408 ms 2120.ae0.agg01.tor.packetflow.ca []

7 738 ms 514 ms 578 ms
8 374 ms 492 ms 837 ms willy.teksavvy.com []

Trace complete.

North York, ON

TSI Martin
Chatham, ON



If you could please post in the »TekSavvy Direct forum or send me a PM TSI Martin See Profile There looks to be something wrong. Please allow us to look at what is wrong.

TSI Martin (Escalations) - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
Authorized TSI employee ( »»TekSavvy FAQ »Official support in the forum )

North York, ON

Re: Help

Ok i Sent you my name and number, do i still need to repost in the direct forum?