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Review by schnauz See Profile

  • Location: Nepean,ON
  • Cost: $46 per month
Good "Great when it works as advertised"
Bad "I haven't had a reliable connection for 3 months and support is unable to do anything about it."
Overall "Great price, terrible service. Techs are well-meaning but completely ineffective."
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·Start Communicat..
August 12, 2013 Update

Service transferred to Start as of Aug. 6th with only about an hour of downtime. All the back and forth with Rogers about the disconnect/reprovision orders may or may not have been an issue, but I do know that Start did keep me in the loop about the order status. In the back and forth between TSI and Start, the two reps at TSI I spoke to on the phone told me that the order had been received and processed by Rogers (which it hadn't), it wasn't until I chatted with TSI Ashleigh through the direct forum that things moved along and the order went as it should. Kudos to TSI Ashleigh for her help, boo to the two reps on the phone who either didn't have a clue or were trying to make me happy by telling me the order was processed. TSI Ashleigh was very good to deal with through the direct forum and I'd advise any customer of TSI to use it rather than even thinking about calling in. I'm raising the Tech Support rating a notch based on Ashleigh's help. Other than that, the rating is staying the same, I really hope the full transition to aggregated means better times again for TSI and their service returns to what it was in the past.

Update as of July 30, 2013

Now in the process of transferring my service to Start as they are offering higher uploads on their lower download tiers which is extremely useful for me. The issue here is that having placed my cancellation order on July 20, Start informs me that Rogers still hasn't received the cancellation request from Teksavvy. I have a long thread in the direct forum as well as having called in at least twice to get the request pushed through and ten days later it still hasn't happened. Teksavvy and/or Rogers has dropped the ball here and it's another disappointing experience dealing with Teksavvy's support. Even getting rid of TSI's service is difficult and aggravating and now I'm looking at up to a week of no service because of incompetence or inability to deal with Rogers' procedures. I made the cancellation request with over two weeks of lead time so I wouldn't be billed for another full month in advance, and to cover the required 10 business days to get my connection switched, and it still wasn't enough. Very unhappy.

Original review:

I've been a TSI cable user in the year or so that it's been available on the Fallowfield POI in Ottawa, and a TSI DSL user for several years before that. I've always stuck with TSI because of their advocacy, their fair prices, and up until recently, their excellent support and transparency. I signed up for cable in May 2011, and had an excellent connection from the start. However, in late January, 2012, my 1/28 connection started acting up considerably. One weekend, my modem would not connect and seemed to be stuck in an infinite reboot loop, I called in, and after two calls and several hours on the phone, a Rogers tech was dispatched for the following Monday. During this time, I'd occasionally get connectivity, but only for minutes at a time. Mysteriously, an hour before the Rogers tech was due to arrive, my connection came back and stayed on. I really shouldn't have cancelled the dispatch in hindsight, but at the time, it was the first time I'd had any connection issues and thought it was just a local node issue. The TSI phone techs were polite and well-intentioned, but had little ability to do much other than dispatch a Rogers tech, which on the second call was quickly done.

February I was away most of the month, so I can't comment on connectivity at that time, but when I got back from vacation, my connection was suffering random disconnections and slow speeds. This continued through March up until the 25th, where my speeds slowed to the point of near dialup and pretty much intolerable. After waiting a day to see if it was just Sunday high usage, I started a thread in the Direct support forum. Since then, I have had to perform speedtests, ping tests, traceroutes, and answer a large variety of questions taking up quite a bit of my time, with the aim of getting a Rogers tech dispatched to check my line and modem. Through the week, I have provided up to date test results which are all pretty much uniformly bad, and twice Rogers seems to have dismissed the request. TSIJoel seems to have spent the most time and effort on the ticket and indicated that I should have been able to get somewhere with this, but as the thread has gone on, two other techs have dealt with the ticket. The last tech basically asked the exact same questions as Joel did on the first post, as if he hadn't looked at anything in the thread. I don't see the point in filling out the questionnaire yet again to provide information I already provided at the start of the thread. Nothing has changed for the better on my end, speeds are still just as slow, pages are slow loading or just timeout, VOIP barely works (why I'm using the direct forum rather than calling in). At this point, I'm extremely frustrated with TSI support and their reluctance to push Rogers to send a tech, as it's obvious (at least to me) that there's a line problem or my modem is toast. Either way, a tech would be able to diagnose that if they would just send someone. I've done my part in this (and far more than any customer should have to), TSI should just stop wasting my time as well as theirs, push for a dispatch and get my connection sorted out. It worked great up until the last couple of months, I haven't changed anything on my end, but now the connection is garbage and TSI Support has been unable to do anything about it.

I've been a loyal customer for 5 years of this company, and since their expansion into cable, I've watched the quality of their service and support plummet. I understand that they're at the mercy of the incumbents, but at the end of the day, I'm still paying TSI for a service that I'm not receiving. I'm looking at going back to DSL, at least third-party companies have some ability to troubleshoot DSL connectivity issues, but I'm not excited about having to pay more for slower speeds. 1/28 cable costs me $46/month, where 1/16 Dry DSL will be in the neighbourhood of $56/month due to the dry loop cost. If it's consistent though, I'll be able to live with it. Unlike this broken cable connection that TSI seems unwilling to do anything about...

Right now, I don't recommend Teksavvy Cable to anyone, it's not worth the money for an unstable, congested, and unserviceable product.

Update as of Apr. 8, 2012:

I was finally able to find someone that I could test my modem at their place, gave it a whirl there with the same results as before, and then was able to convince TSI to send me a new modem. Received a new DCM475, went through the de-provisioning/re-provisioning process which went fine, plugged in the new modem and speeds are back to normal. We'll see how it works out in the long run, but at least I'm getting advertised speeds and reliable connectivity again. I won't be changing the scores on my review though until I see that connectivity stays that way.

My bottom line is still pretty much the same though. Aside from a couple of techs who actually seemed concerned with my situation, all the troubleshooting was done by myself on this end and TSI support was of little value when it came to actually finding the fault in the connection. For cable, TSI is basically just an answering service for Rogers, and have very little ability to deal with any technical problems. My question is what happens when a) a user doesn't know how to run a tracert or other diagnostics? or b) a user is unable to test the modem elsewhere? My wife's comment about all this was if it were up to her, she would have just gotten frustrated and cancelled after a week of poor service. My recommendation for anyone considering TekSavvy cable is to make sure you understand that if there are problems, you will mostly be on your own. And before anyone says, "Well blame Rogers for that", I am well aware of TSI's relationship with Rogers, but all the same, it's TSI taking people's money for providing a service, and it's up to TSI to deal with problems as they arise.

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TSI Ashleigh
Chatham, ON


Hello Schnauz,

Thank you for the update! I do apologize for any inconvenience your disconnection has caused, however as per our thread in the Direct Forum »TekSavvy Direct. Your account has been disconnected and confirmed (with our vendor) for disconnection for the past 5 days. You should have no difficulty having an appointment scheduled with your new provider. As always if you have any questions please let us know in the Direct Forum »TekSavvy Direct. We are happy to help!

Thank you again for the update and enjoy your future endeavors!

Thank you
TSI Ashleigh - E-Services.
Authorized TekSavvy Employee

Nepean, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
·Start Communicat..

Re: Update

Thanks Ashleigh, your efforts were the first satisfying result I've gotten out of this situation. Obviously it's a Rogers issue, I really wish TPIA clients had a better way of dealing with things besides this ridiculous 48 hour turnaround and general lack of communication from Rogers. Hopefully Start can manage to get through to Rogers to re-provision my modem without causing me downtime. You'd think cancelling/ordering over 3 weeks in advance would cover it, but then again, it is Rogers we're dealing with here.

TSI ShawnS
Chatham, ON

Re: Update

Hello schnauz,

Thanks again for your review,

We apologize for the vendor delays and we are sorry to see you go. We are certainly working on bettering our communication.

I'll definitely let TSI Ashleigh know about the Kudos.

Thank you
TSI Shawn S.
TSI ShawnS (E-Services) - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
Authorized TSI employee (»»TekSavvy FAQ »Official support in the forum )
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