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Six Month Rating

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Review by d4m1r See Profile

  • Location: Kanata,ON
  • Cost: $50 per month
Good "Cheaper than Rogers, Much Larger Cap, No Throttling!"
Bad "Slightly higher latency and an occasional hiccup."
Overall "Overall, Teksavvy is still the best Canadian ISP I've ever been with."
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Previous plan from Rogers:

$60/month for 120GB cap, 28/1 plan, AND they throttle P2P traffic...

Current plan from Teksavvy:

$50/month for 300GB cap, 28/1 plan, and NO throttling of any kind!

Installation went smoothly as I just bought my own modem online and switch it out with the Rogers modem on the day I was supposed to. Has been working perfectly ever since then (almost 1 year now). In fact, 9/10 times I get much faster speeds than I am even supposed to:


Maybe once a month my modem does reset randomly and I lose my connection for a few seconds but I haven't had any major outages...Thanks Teksavvy and I'll continue to recommend you guys to friends and family!

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