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Review by rob1114 See Profile

  • Location: Kanata,ON
  • Cost: $47 per month
Good "300 GB+ caps, not throttled, price"
Bad "Odd dip in speed"
Overall "happy with Teksavvy"
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Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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Was with Rogers, dumped them when I moved out of my apartment and into my new home. Teksavvy has been a great ISP so far, I would recommend them to anyone. Price is reasonable, I don't have to worry about hitting my 300 GB monthly bandwidth cap like I used to with Rogers (a paltry 60gb) trust me it was a constant headache and worry and I wasn't ready to pay 100+ for Internet service every month for the higher packages. What a refreshing experience to download without being throttled like Rogers does.

So far so good since signing up with them in January 2012. As a result, I'd use these guys over Rogers any day.

Update June 9 / 12

Still very happy with these guys. I am getting better speeds now than when I joined in January. I am located in Kanata, Ontario.
High def YouTube videos are now streaming properly, this was an issue until mid-April or so. Playing online multiplayer games like COD MW3 used to be problematic when I was with Rogers due to throttling, unforgivable in my opinion. No issues when playing now, smooth and quick multiplayer gaming experience. Also, I see that some people here are having issues with their speeds due to congestion at the local switch. I'm assuming that if Teksavvy customers experience this, Rogers customers must be experiencing this as well. I also REALLY REALLY appreciate getting slightly better connection speeds than expected when I run speed tests at speedtest.net.

This ISP provides a great alternative to the other guys.

Update May 8 /14

Ok, so we're having some connection speed issues. I am on the 25/2 package and was on the 35/3. I had to drop the 35/3 package after a few months because I was not getting anything near the 35 download - but the 3 upload was fine.

Typical download speed test results were on average in the 22-26mbps range on the 35/3 package. Not what I was paying for, and a hair below the 25/2 package.

Downgraded back to 25/2, and now I am experiencing a mix of speed test results -12,14,16,18,21 mbps on speedtest.net; Upload speed 1.5, 1.75, occasionally 2.

Now, I do not believe that this is Teksavvy causing the slowdowns. I cannot prove, but I would strongly suggest that Rogers is behind the slowdowns. The people keying in the speeds must be asleep at the wheel and are mistyping the speeds. Lets just leave it at that, you can determine what I am getting at.

Anyhow, I have called support a few times and have informed the tech that I know what I am talking about. It's almost pointless to troubleshoot a speed issue when you are running the test on an i5 with 16 gb of RAM connected via ethernet cable to an Asus RT-n65 router on a dcm475 docsis 3 modem.

Pulling a full 25 mbps is peanuts for this equipment, it's nowhere near capacity.

Anyhow, this is unnaceptable because I am not getting what I am paying for. It is also unnaceptable because Kanata, Ontario is a lot like Waterloo where we have a lot of high tech here, including cisco, and I am experiencing these types of speeds. I live in a brand new development a 5 minute drive from these companies and I rarely, if ever get the speeds that I am paying for.

I would assume that my neighbors who have Rogers high speed are not experiencing these issues. My next step could be to ask my neighbors who use Rogers (townhomes, we are connected at the wall and use the same panel) to perform a speedtest.net test, and I will run my own and post the results here. I want to know first hand if I am being shafted because I am a teksavvy customer.

I am pretty annoyed. All in all though, Teksavvy is a fair company, they seem to have the best interests of their customers at heart. I will continue to use their service for now, but will keep cringing when I run those speed tests.

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TSI Ashleigh
Chatham, ON

updated review

Hello Rob1114,

Thank you for the updated review. I regret to hear that you are having a speed issue. I have attempted to locate your TekSavvy account with your handle however it doesn't look like you have spoken to the online team prior for assistance.

We would certainly like to investigate your connection and diagnose if you are having a service issue that is attributing to a slower connection. Please send us a message in the Direct Forum »TekSavvy Direct with your account information so we can assist you further.

Thank you again for the review.

TSI Ashleigh - Social Media Team
Authorized TekSavvy Employee

Kanata, ON

Re: updated review

Hi Ashleigh,

Will do, thanks very much for the follow-up.