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Six Month Rating

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Review by k3nt See Profile

  • Location: Vancouver,BC
  • Cost: $41 per month (14 month contract)
Good "Excellent support, communications, managment. High speed most of the time."
Bad "In Vancouver, BC, Youtube occassionally rebuffering and stalling during busy hours."
Overall "Good price for light Youtube user. All other video services work excellent at any time. No throttling."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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When I signed up for Teksavvy cable in Vancouver, it was during the time Canadian ISPs were going to charge for bandwidth. It took a while to get set up, and the first month of speeds were slow because so many people signed up. After Teksavvy increased their capacity they were excellent. Downloading was far better than Shaw (that throttled religiously). For the most part of my 14 months with Teksavvy I enjoyed high speeds and good streaming on Youtube. But I am a hardcore user of Youtube for entertainment and research. I was frequently having issue with buffering and stalling 720p and 1080p videos. However lesser quality videos performed fine. These Youtube issues surfaced a number of times through my 14 months of the Teksavvy cable service. Sometimes for a single day, other times a week or more. Then they would resolve for a while. Sadly my single issue with Youtube forced my hand to sign with Telus and cancel with Teksavvy. Very sad indeed. They are otherwise excellent.

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