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Review by RMerlin See Profile

  • Location: Montreal,QC
  • Cost: $59 per month
  • Install: about 20 days
Good "Fast, stable, and less expensive than the alternative from big players"
Bad "Long installation delay (caused by a failure on Videotron's portal actually)"
Overall "Bell's retention might try as hard as they want, I ain't going back"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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After over a decade of DSL with Bell, I decided that recent price raises versus the new fast and generous cable packages offered by Teksavvy were enough to convince me to leave. I was satisfied with Bell's service, their tech support had always been pretty quick at resolving technical issues I had over the years (once it was a port gone bad in the DSLAM, another time it was bad wiring outside my house), but when you take your customers for granted, and constantly increase your price while not increasing the offered services, you eventually reach a point where the customer starts seriously looking elsewhere.

The cable service goes through Videotron (as I am in Quebec), not Rogers. The modem is a DCM-475, provided by Teksavvy. I went with Teksavvy's 30 Mbits / 300 GB service.

The reasons I went with Teksavvy are:

- Faster service and much larger monthly quota for the same price currently paying with Bell

- Moving to cable will allow me to eventually ditch my landline phone and switch to VoIP without the hassle of ordering a dryloop

- I have many of my own customers (I work as a tech for a small IT consulting/VAR company) hooked to Teksavvy (all DSL however), with very few issues.

The installation took much longer than expected. The fault however was more on Videotron's end, as their TPIA portal went down at about the same time I ordered. Most likely your order now would get processed much faster now. There was also a lot of confusion surrounding the actual installation date (at first Teksavvy couldn't even tell us any firm date, as they had to wait for Videotron to sort things out on their end), and my initial request for an evening installation was changed for "All day". In fact, they didn't even contact me to confirm the requested installation date changes, we had to call them a few days before to discover that the date was postponed "by a week or two". But again, it's unlikely that others would face all those issues now.

On the (finally) scheduled day the Videotron tech came, replaced the (old) outside wiring, and did a very good job at installing the new wiring. He told me however that he wasn't authorized to touch the modem, ("not even hook it on a wall"). Not an issue for me.

After he left, it took a bit under an hour for my modem to become authorized at their end. Since then (a bit over two weeks now), I haven't had a single issue. I ran a few Speedtest during peak hours to see if there was any sign of congestion. None. I always get 29-30 Mbits. Not a single disconnection either.

Overall, I'm really happy with the switch (aside from Bell's retention chasing after me, but that's another story). IMHO, you are less likely to run into issues with cable than DSL, as the cable wiring tends to be newer than the phone wiring, and since they always send a tech on-site, issues won't be discovered only after the activation.

It's hard for me to give any score to their tech support service as I didn't have to deal with them so far. I'm still giving them a 4 because of their very active presence on these forums, and their representatives being proactive in asking customers to contact them when they report issues on the forums.

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