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Review by yvvvvv See Profile

  • Location: Quebec,QC
  • Cost: $50 per month
Good "I get what I pay for."
Bad "None I can think of."
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March 2013 update
Everything has been going very well with my cable connection since august 2012, no downtimes. They recently updated their upload speed to 10 mbps on the 20 mbps download speed package. At the same time, they've cut off 5$ on this package with the 300GB cap. Great!

November 2012 update
Still very satisfied with the performance (I pay for and I always get 20/2 mbps with Thomson DCM-475 (Docsis 3) modem). No more speed slow downs at peak hours (7pm-11pm) as they got more connections and plan on getting more. I called sometime last month and french service was good.

So no plan on moving to another company!

September 2012 update
I was away for a few weeks and since I came back last week, my speed has been bumped up to 20/2, even though I pay for a 15/1.5 package. Yeah!

August 2012 update
2 months after switching to the 15/1.5 mbps cable package with 300GB cap, I must say I'm very satisfied. There was some download speed slowdowns for 3-4 weeks at the end of june and beginning of july that was discussed in a thread on the Teksavvy forum. The slowdown occurred almost each day between 7pm-10pm during peak traffic hours. During these periods, I had dl speeds that could vary between 5-13 mbps instead of the casual 15. After 1 week of reports about the issue from a couple of users, a customer service representative acknowledge the issue and informed us of a POI upgrade from Videotron in the following weeks.

Second week of July, the issue was resolved and I've been getting constant 15/1.5 mbps speeds at any time of day since. I'm coming from a DSL 6/1 mbps package and never had the advertised speeds (4/0.6 mbps), because of my distance from the POI and the old equipment in my neighbourhood.

But cable is another story, I actually get what I pay for and at anytime. So yes, I'm very satisfied and I guess if you have an issue, you should go through the public or private Teksavvy Direct forum threads, as your likely to receive more efficient service. If I post an issue in French, I can get an answer in French. Whereas when I call them, I rarely get to speak to someone in French. So I'll try to only use their Teksavvy Direct forum from now on.

Update June 2012 (from previous TekSavvy DSL review)

Switched to Teksavvy Cable 15/1, because Fibe wasn't available at my place. The install co-ordination was way better with Videotron (comparing to Bell), despite the long delay between ordering and installation. TekSavvy confirms by email a week before when will be the installation date. You get a confirmation call 2 days before installation date from Videotron and one 30 minutes before installation when the tech is on its way.

The speed is awesome comparing to my TekSavvy DSL 6 mbps, with which I only got 3.70 mbps. No single complaint yet. I get with cable 15.55 mbps/1.5 mbps with the Thomson DCM-475 (Docsis 3.0)

Wish they had a couple more people speaking French when I call them. After 5 minutes of waiting, I receive most of the time a message that no French speaking person is available. But their service in English is always great.

I'll therefore be posting on TekSavvy Cable.

Update January 2012

DSL connection still great, reliable, didn't have an issue for the last 6 months. I used to get a speed of 3.80 mbps on Speedtest, now I get 4.06 mbps. Might be explained by the new dual-band router I bought, but I think Teksavvy has been working on their equipment lately, so good for me.

Not a single issue, Netflix has been running a lot in the last months, with Xbox online gaming, lots of browsing: everything works out fine. I'll see this summer, maybe I'll get the 10/1 or 16/1 DSL package they offer.

Can't say much about their customer support, since I've only called one or two times last summer, I've always received good help, despite one 5+ minutes waiting time.

I've recommended them to friends who had trouble with cable with Acanac. They seem to be satisfied with the switch.

I still live in Québec City and moved recently into a new apartment. This time, I took the phone and internet service with Teksavvy. They've informed me by email of the installation date for both of my telephone and internet services, but since I didn't expect work to be needed at my apartment, I missed the Bell tech on the telephone activation date. If at least the Bell tech could call 1-2 hours before coming to your apartment, everything would be much simpler. A few days later after the initial telephone activation date, a Bell tech came and did the necessary work at my apartment.

About 7 days later, my DSL Premium (300 GB bandwidth cap) was activated. Everything has been working accordingly (I get in average 3.60 mbps download/0.60 mbps upload speeds with Speedstream 5260 modem), except yesterday when my DSL was dropping spontaneously (»[DSL] DSL down?). But I expect everything to go back to normal.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with Teksavvy and I'm looking in the next months to upgrade to their 10 mbps service (Bell Fibe 10) if I don't get anymore drop outs like yesterday. Sure the waiting time for customer or tech service can be long, but I always get good service in French by their representatives.

So after a few months with them, I can still say go for it!

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