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Review by samboi0 See Profile

  • Location: Nepean,ON
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Good speed when everything is working"
Bad "Hell sets loose when things go wrong, takes forever to fix an issue"
Overall "If you dont heavily rely on internet usage at home and dont mind outage for days, Teksavvy is for you :)"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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I got my internet services through Teksavvy, supposed to be activated on 10th september. But then due to some activation issues and the fact that they sent me the wrong modem, they had to resend me the modem and then activation took couple of more days. So despite ordering my internet on the 4th Sep, it got finally activated on 14th september. I thought to myself that maybe the startup took some time but everything will be fine.

Then, two days ago on 1st October, my connection went down again, the upstream (US) LED which was green, had turned blue now. After trying several power cycles myself, I called up customer service. Firstly, it takes forever to get a hold on to a CSR, and afterwards, if they start being rude and blaming me that i am doing something wrong, thats just not right. I couldnt even raise a ticket for it on Oct 1st.

Then on Oct 2nd, early in the morning i called them again, this time the rep wasnt rude, but she took forever to determine that it is a routing issue by constantly asking me traceroute different webpage addresses. I kept patient with her and eventually she provided me with a ticket number.

Oct 3rd today, called up again, and they are telling me the issue wont be looked at until 24 hrs has passed??? Why is that? Is that some kind of mandotary waiting period, again with rudeness they asked me anything else and hung up.

Now, I am seriously considering to switching away from Teksavvy, I had joined this ISP based on the fact that many ppl were speaking of it, both negative n positive, but i still tried to take my chances. Didnt turn out so well, just had 2 weeks of internet service over the past month, and currently there is still no internet at my home (FYI we are heavy internet users at home and rely a lot on connectivity, so it is even more frustrating)

Question is should I just quit Teksavvy?

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TSI Danielle

re: your review

I'm sorry for the bad experience you've had. I'm concerned that you've gotten agents that you've stated were rude. Could you please PM me your account information and I'd like to have a look to see what we can do to resolve this for you.

Thank you,

Old Martin


Sorry to hear of your issues.

Looks like the issue was resolved. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like we did anything on our end. Testing done together in our Direct Forum showed no problems. It doesn't look like any troubleshooting was done on our end as there were never any tickets opened.

If you do have any other issues, please don't hesitate to contact us as we're always here to help.

TSI Martin (Escalations / Social Media) - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
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Nepean, ON

Re: Teksavvy

There was a ticket opened actually ref number: 2513686.

And yes the issue did got resolved so I will be quiet for now , if anything else happens, I will be sure to update here. And if nothing else goes wrong, I will mention about that too. Cheers!

Nepean, ON
Actually the issue is back, now that I connect it to my router I cannot connect to internet anymore, it seems like only if it is connected to my PC, it works, otherwise, it doesnt.

TSI David
TSI David
Chatham, ON

Re: Teksavvy

Hi samboi0,

I have replied to your direct thread with a workaround to get this fixed.