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Six Month Rating

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Review by Allan01 See Profile

  • Location: M5a 3v
  • Cost: $45 per month
Good "Cheap with lots of bandwidth."
Bad "When it breaks down your on your own - expect to be throttled"
Overall "You get what you pay for."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Teksavvy is great if you love to YouTube and download BitTorrent. It's cheap and you get lots of bandwidth for the price you pay for.

But it's a horrible service if you need a Internet connection for work. You almost need a second secure connection to ensure you're ok.

1. When things go wrong. Expect the nicest "sorry we can't do sh*t" you've ever heard as they try to get you to pay for a $75 for a Rogers tech guy to show up.

2. Everything is the "last mile" fault. Everything! Teksavvy can do no wrong. It's always bell or Rogers. Until they take your money. It's like getting crappy food in a resturaunt and when you complain they ask you to call Ontario produce to complain about the quality of food they grow.

3. No teksavvy does not throttle your speeds. Rogers does however. Who wants to see the screen cap of a 15kb ftp upload speed at 2 am?!

4. They lie and dont honor credits when I had no Internet for over a week and a half. Not a single day of credit recieved. Bell and Rogers may suck. But hey. They screwed up 2 weeks of Internet. Atleast they didn't bill me full price after. They will try to get you to complain in private so people don't get to google all their dirty little secrets they Hide.

I'm typing this on my phone. Because my Internet is useless because I need to upload a file for work. At a "blazingly" fast 15-60kb upstream. Nothing else works. Even middle of the night. It's throttle to hell. Wesendit, FTP, drop box. All garbage speeds. And all other connections are useless!!!!!

Throttlesavvy is great if your a teen who loves to download porn. But if your an adult who needs a stable Internet solution. You get what you pay for.

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TSI David
TSI David
Chatham, ON

Account Issues


I'm very sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing. If you can PM me your account info or make a post in our direct forum we can see what we can do to make this better.

Thank you,


Re: Account Issues

They will try to get you to complain in private so people don't get to google all their dirty little secrets they Hide.


Yep...... seems to be exactly the case.



Re: Account Issues

I feel like I could have written this review. I concur with absolutely everything you've written.