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  • Location: New York,New York,NY
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
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Bad "non-existent service"
Overall "Good Price but lack of any service"
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I normally do not bother with review sites but I feel that I should voice my
experience with Teksavvy since its very contrary to most of the reviews
here.* *I recently moved to Toronto and did not want to give my money to
Rogers. Teksavvy seemed to have the best reviews online so decied to go
with them. I paid for the modem, admin, activation and monthly fees. I had
a date for a Rogers tech to come by which did not happen. I called and
they escalated the matter (seems that they need to use the tch of either
Bell or Rogers depending on who the line belongs to), and the Roger's tech
was supposed to come by again which did not happen again.

I do realize that it is Roger's problem that their tech did not show up
without a call twice but they could have told me that they need a Roger's
tech to deal with issues and that they themselves can not. When I asked if
I can return the products since I need an internet and a phone connection,
their response was "No. That they need to troubleshoot the issue before
any refunds can be given". Their is no troubleshooting since the term
"troubleshooting" implies that I have service and that their is a problem
with it, hence the need to "troubleshoot". I have absolutely no service
what-so-ever and all I get from them is that they'll again contact Roger's
to try to send someone over.

All I want to say is that, as much as teksavvy has a good rep, understand
that although they have a good price for what they give, their customer
service is crap since they do not seem to have the tools to solve their own
problems. You can't call yourself an internet provider if you can not look
after your lines and fail to mention this at purchase. At least with
Roger's I would have known what I was dealing with, didn't realize teksavvy
was just as bad. So deal with them for the price, just don't expect much
help from their seemingly castrated customer service.


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lodged 2.1 years ago

Open the Canadian Market NOW

East York, ON
·Rogers Hi-Speed

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NO Wholesale has what you are looking for

Wholesale ISP's, as setup by our CRTC, all have issues where BELL and ROGERS/Cogeco/ETC have to be involved, so there is limits of how much they can solve on their own. Rogers fails to give the tools to the wholesalers to really see what's going on sadly.

If you want end to end service, your options are ROGERS, BELL.. thats it.

BTW NEW YORK can't get the service, so I'm always wondering if this is a real review

TSI David
TSI David
Chatham, ON



Sorry to hear about all the issues you have experienced. If you can make a post in the direct forum or PM me your info I would be happy to look into what we can do to help.



Nepean, ON

I agree wholeheartedly!

We signed up with teksavvy in September due to deplorable tech service with Rogers. We lost internet service last week and spent most of the weekend trying to resolve the issue with teksavvy support, only to be told it was a Rogers issue and there was nothing they could do. So we left Rogers, but are still hamstrung by Rogers. We ended up cancelling our teksavvy service last night in complete frustration. To add insult to injury, customer support was the one who cancelled the account but said we'd have to speak to tech support about not being charged for the time we didn't have service. Customer support transferred us to tech support and we were told we couldn't get any kind of rebate because we'd already cancelled our account. Thanks Customer Support. That was just awesome.

We're so disappointed. We did our homework and all the reviews for teksavvy seemed so positive, but now through word of mouth we are hearing the horror stories of teksavvy customers being without internet service for days and weeks at a time.

We'll be giving Bell a try. We would really rather have been dealing with an independent - but it turns out the independents aren't so independent after all.