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Review by nokia250 See Profile

  • Location: Gatineau,QC
  • Cost: $35 per month
  • Install: about 13 days
Good "Speed, Price, Service."
Bad "Nothing bad so far... Maybe the activation fee and the fact that they piggy back Videotron's lines."
Overall "If you are with Videotron in QC, leave that shit right away and go teksavvy now."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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So i've been trying to leave videotron for a while.. I live in Gatineau and i realize i'm just paying for nothing. After 10 years with them, I first canceled cable, so they've removed my discounts i had with them, so i finally switched to teksavvy a month later because they were they only cable alternative that sounded professional.

I called teksavvy to make sure they could ensure the same speed and reliability. Then the steps are that i needed to cancel with Videotron first, ask for an end date, which was 2 weeks later for my convenience. Then teksavvy sends you a modem. The only small problem i had was that the sales person (and technical person) told me that as soon as videotron goes down, I could simply plug in my teksavvy modem and it would work. They failed to mention that videotron had to give them an activation date, because teksavvy piggy-backs videotron's cable line, so ultimatly videotron controls everything... so i simply had to go to work and come back and i was online without any problems (I bought the DCM-425 Thomson Modem).

I was at 8mbits with videotron with 60gb cap for 50$ per month plus taxes, and now I get speed of 10 to 20mbits with teksavvy and 75gb cap for 30$ per month plus taxes. So not only i was wondering before if videotron are throttling the teksavvy users on their lines (which is still unknown yet because the law against this is only in ontario), but turns out videotron was throttling me before at 8mbits.... so for some reason by being free from them, no one is throttling my speed and i never got a speedtest lower then 10mbits so far even at peek hours.

Bottom line... i honestly recommand teksavvy to anyone in QC who can have it. Videotron are just a bunch of money suckers... I mean their president was even stating in the newspapers that we should be against the Bell/Astral merger because they will make us buy channels we don't want in order to get other ones.. well that's what I had to do with videotron to get TSN or RDS anyways!!! I had to buy their dam base plan and an extra 10 channels just to get the sports channels i wanted. When i was on the phone cancelling with videotron, they were trying to double my speed and bandwidth for the same price (50$), i told them.. speed isn't my problem.. its the price!!

So i'm extremely happy to save 240$ per year by switching over a nice reliable service such has those teksavvy guys. I guess if I had to find something bad i'd say that activation fee, but any company has those these days... they wouldn't waived them off. Also the bad part but its not their fault, is that they are piggy backing videotron's line.. so i'm scared that the price might increase in the future in a result that videotron wants more money from them leasing the lines and we'll end up paying for it. I wish the cable lines weren't their property... it should be like a municipal property. But we'll see. Videotron was increasing me every year by 1 to 2$ so it can't be worse.


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TSI Jonathan

Thank you!

Hello nokia250,

Glad that you made the switch and that you are happy with us. Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedbacks.

It should of definitely been mentioned to you that the day of your switch over you could have experienced some down time that day. Videotron does usually a pretty good job at provisioning our customers right away but there are chances that sometimes it can take up until midnight. There is never any guarantees and I will make sure to pass this on to our quality assurance for coaching purposes.

We are more than happy to have you as a customer. If you have any questions or concerns you can certainly get in touch with us on here, twitter @TekSavvyCSR, Facebook, our own forum (forums.teksavvy.com), emails (support@teksavvy.com) or over the phone 24/7.

Again, glad to have you on board and enjoy!


TSI Jonathan
Social Media Relations Team Leader
Authorized TSI employee - Teksavvy Solutions Inc.