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Review by SimGuy See Profile

  • Location: Toronto,ON
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Decent price, 300 GB cap"
Bad "Teething problems, At mercy of infrastructure provider (Rogers)"
Overall "Hit and miss - do your research before taking the plunge"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Set up on Cable 28/1 package & TekTalk Unlimited - was provisioned separate customer ID's for both my cable Internet service and VOIP service. Pre-paid the Internet service first month & activation only to be told that the customer ID I paid this against was no longer valid. Then proceeded to get e-mails indicating that if I didn't pay my new service would be disconnected. Through CSR calls and call-backs and a lot of back-end system fiddling, the accounts were combined and straightened out but the issue caused my original install date to be pushed back by 7 days (which is a big deal when relocating). To TekSavvy's credit, I was reimbursed 25% of first month's cost for this mix-up.

D3 modem and TekTalk ATA was shipped to the wrong address. Pure luck that I asked my neighbour if they had seen a package on my doorstep - turns out it was delivered to them containing a $110 DCM476 D3 modem and a $80 SPA2102 ATA. This could very well have been stolen but thankfully there are still honest neighbours in the world. Had to reschedule installation through no fault of my own - 7 day provisioning delay.

Upon installation... suffered from severe node congestion (getting ~4-12 Mbps during peak hours). No channel bonding in area at that time. Played havoc with TekTalk system and made for a very slow and unreliable Internet service and unusable VOIP system. [ And yes, QoS to me is more than just a 3 letter acronym ]

3 months later of dealing with this issue, speed issue solved by Rogers node split and 8x4 channel bonding enablement. TekSavvy was unable to help in this matter unfortunately which left the customer in a predicament of having to wait for the infrastructure provider (Rogers) to split the node.

From an availability perspective, the service has been up almost 100% of the time, but the lack of consistency from a connection quality perspective has been a very different experience from my previous rock-solid TekSavvy DSL experience.

To TekSavvy's credit, they do engage the customer through DSLReports and through the DSLReports TekSavvy Direct Support Forum in an attempt to resolve issues however sometimes they are powerless to be able to affect the changes necessary to be able to deliver a consistent reliable Internet service.

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Hi There,

Thank you for your feedback in the matter. I'm sorry to see the complications you had to go through in order to get the service up and running, and then a consistent issue with your speeds. We are available on here to troubleshoot anytime an issue may arise for you, or if you have any questions/concerns.

Have a great day!