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Review by kimks3 See Profile

  • Location: Richmond Hill,ON
  • Cost: $39 per month
Good "Pre-sales info is decent, depending on the rep you speak with"
Bad "Anything and everything is Rogers' fault."
Overall "My 25/2 mbps plan has been 0/0 mbps for the past week"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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·TekSavvy DSL
Warning: Incoming wall of text:

I've lurked on DSLR for the past several months in search of an ISP to replace Bell, who are still offering a paltry 6Mbit connection in my neighborhood, with caps that are nothing short of pathetic. Since I don't have a landline, cable is what I chose to go with, and Teksavvy's favorable reviews made me sign up with them some 2+ weeks ago.

My install date was set for today, December 1st, and I contacted Bell to terminate my DSL connection on this date, but only after checking and re-checking with Teksavvy to ensure that: (a) the connection will be ready for use upon completion of installation, and (b) the technician would be able to install a new coax jack in the house, as the only one we have is hooked up to a satellite dish. Both the TV provider and TSI reps recommended that a splitter/joiner not be used.

(By the way, I did not have to give Bell 30 day notice as there is an upcoming price increase and I was able to cancel the service on a date of my choosing, per their terms of service, since I did not agree with their changes)

Anyway, the Rogers tech arrived at 2:30pm, only calling me once he was right outside my house. No big deal; he entered and after taking one look at where I had planned to connect the modem, he told me that it wouldn't be possible because there was only one coax jack, and he did not have to (read: did not want to) do any drilling/fishing of wires, saying it was "not on the work order".

He claims that since I was not a Rogers customer and with a reseller, I would have to pay $125(!!) if I wanted him to install a new jack in the wall. Not only was he extremely rude, but he also had the audacity to tell me I would be better off using Bell, saying that the best he could do is connect the modem in my basement. I obviously declined as all my other devices requiring hardwire Ethernet connections are on the ground and upper floors.

He left after all of five minutes, but did say he would be in the area and told me to call if I worked something out with Teksavvy or I chose to pay the $125.

I first called my television provider, who said that they would send out a tech first thing tomorrow (Dec 2nd) to install a separate jack for their dish at no charge (excellent support considering this provider is "Bhell"). They said I was free to have Teksavvy rewire my current jack with their network, which shouldn't be hard since I had Rogers cable TV up until just 2 months ago, and all the wiring is still in my basement.

I called the technician and he said he would revisit to hook up the current jack for use with TSI. He mentioned something about checking his work order, then hung up as I asked what time he will arrive by. That was the last I heard from this technician and he never did return. All calls since have gone to voicemail.

I contacted Teksavvy, and was told that the technician should have installed a new connector, and the fact that they did not was "unfortunate". Rogers support of course wasn't willing to help since I was not their customer.

Teksavvy tells me that they are not permitted to contact the technician or even speak to anyone at dispatch. I was offered a new install date on the 4th which was the earliest day possible. Every time I had a problem with Bell, they would send someone out the next day, even on Sundays.

The fact that I will have no internet for 4 days was, again, "unfortunate". I spoke with a supervisor who offered me a whole ten dollars for the inconvenience. Refund on the $65 installation fee? Sorry, not available. TSI was kind enough to let me know that the second technician will be sent at no charge. Wonderful.

I can't wait to get my cellular bill after 4 days of tethering by a household of 5, not to mention I will have to take a day off to sit around at home for another tech on the 4th, who might maybe sorta do the job this time, if they feel like it. If they don't, I guess I'll be in the dark for another few days and get ten bucks off my bill to make up for it.

Since I don't trust Teksavvy telling me that the new technician (who may very well be the same guy from today) will install the jack and run a new wire, I will have "Bhell" come tomorrow to run a new line for their dish. Bell might be expensive, but their support is top notch and I can often get most problems taken care of in 15 minutes using their live chat. Teksavvy's hold times are usually longer than this, and telephone is the only method of real time support.

While it may have been the Rogers technician that caused this problem, I was still disappointed by the complete lack of communication and control Teksavvy had (can't even talk with the person installing your services for your customer?!), and the laughable "compensation" offered for what is a major waste of time and money for me.

I paid Teksavvy for Teksavvy Internet; to me, the "middleman" Rogers is more or less irrelevant. If they cause problems, it still = a poor experience with TSI.

I almost never write reviews, but my tethered connection is so slow, I don't have much else to do but try to share my experience...

The current ratings reflect the service (or lack thereof) I received as of Dec 1. I will change them to reflect any updates, and will hopefully improve. I was so excited to finally get a connection that isn't slower than what most third world countries have...


TL;DR: Technician didn't do what they were supposed to, waited whole day to find out install will have to be redone 4 days later. 4 days of no internet. Given 10 bucks for "unfortunate" situation. Rogers is evil, everything is their fault.


Dec 2 Update: Bell came by and installed a new direct coax line to the satellite dish in 10 minutes. The existing jack is *finally* ready to be used with TSI.

Install date however has been pushed back another day because I called to inquire about checking any earlier timeframes, even early mornings/late evenings--this meant I had to "forefeit" the Dec 4th date, and as luck would have it, the new date is now Dec 5th between 8 to 11. The joys of booking dates & times indirectly...


Sept 2013 update: The sheer number of long widespread downtime and poor service make it impossible for me to leave even a marginal rating.

After 2 days of downtime, I called earlier this morning, waited no less than 49 minutes before talking to a human, to be told they can credit me around a dollar per day, starting today, because that's when I called to report that the service wasn't working.

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sad eh


No refund again.

So after all that, did you get your refund? Or did teksavvy say too bad for you once again? Not giving people proper service or giving people their money back is a very obvious trend and game that we have been seeing for a good year.

Have you considered doing a charge-back with your credit card company to get your money back? Or filing a complaint with the CCTS?

You might want to consider both these avenues to get your money back, and don't settle for anything less than a full refund. How much time & money have you wasted so far on this and getting nothing but a big mobile bill?

No service and no refund is a trend with this company if you take the time to review it.

Richmond Hill, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
·TekSavvy DSL

Re: No refund again.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have not looked into reversing my payment or otherwise cancelling service (yet), because I still need internet, and setting up with Start/distributel/etc would take even longer. I invested too much time and money into TSI to ditch them now, and I am sure they are happy to hear that...

If I am unhappy with the connection, or if there are any further problems, I am ready to jump ship even if it means I have to eat the $100+ I paid already.

sad eh


Re: No refund again.

I can see how you just want it to work and just not bother with the hassles. But no one will do anything about it and this situation unless you do go through the hassle, sad to say.

But, in reference to your other post down below, +1 to you for standing your ground kimks3.

You can see how these situations end up by checking this, »Teksavvy sucks

and this »No Show Techs. Share your Experience

Personally, i'm not one to nickel and dime some company for compensation. But we have all had this happen to us time and time again. No end in sight. And the industry (ie Teksavvy) just doesn't care enough about you to bother bringing the issues to the CRTC, yet the owner will go ape sh*t to make sure they get your money and not refund it, as seen in the first link provided.

Something doesn't smell right in stinkville. And yes, they have a mechanism for charge-backs already in place but a few years ago they stated the cost to them in man-power outweighed them doing charge-backs. Both Teksavvy (Rocky when he was CEO) and Acanac stated this. But The current CEO, Marc, seems to state now that this isn't so. But I don't believe it. It's up to them to get it back. You already lost a day of work and will now lose another day of work. But don't dare ask for a refund.. OMG... those are fighting words to teksavvy and they will blacklist you (as seen in the first link provided).

That is what's sad about all this.

So +1 to you, but I say make it a hassle. Maybe after enough people b*tch and moan and demand their money back will the industry (ie teksavvy) do something about it. Right now they are not and just trying to simply refuse refunds. It really isn't right.

BTW, feel free to add your experience to the topic we have going (2nd link).



Hi There,

I'm sorry to hear about this. I can definitely understand your perspective in the matter and why you're frustrated. The fact that you have satallite TV should have been known, as it does make a difference in installation requirements. I have already sent this information off to our Quality Assurance department to ensure everyone is informed of this. There are many benefits to being with a third party provider like us, bigger bandwidth, lower price, no contract, no cancellation fees, no throttling, etc. However, because we do not own the infrastructure that the installations need to be performed on, our install times are not as convenient as the owner of the infrastructure. There is little we can do about this. It is not that we are trying to inconvenience you further, this is just the soonest we could have done this.

Our communication with Rogers is not ideal, and we do not have contact with the technicians that perform the installs. We do not try and blame Rogers as you are completely correct: if they cause problems= still a poor experience with us. We just try to be completely transparent in the matter to try and give you an exact idea of what is going on. I apologize if you feel the credit is laughable, however, something that needs to be understood is that we charged a very large portion of what we charge you for the monthly service. That $65 is charged by Rogers to us in full for the activation, which is why we were unable to engulf it. We cannot credit like the incumbents as we do not charge the extra amounts to give larger credits. Again, I'm not trying to provide an excuse but transparency for you to understand why certain actions were taken. I hope this situation resolves for you, and I'd love to have a look into your account. So please feel free to message us in the direct forum in order to have a look over your account to ensure all the proper steps were taken.
TSI Elizabeth (Social Media & E-Services) - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
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"Not all those who wander are lost."

Richmond Hill, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
·TekSavvy DSL

Re: Response.

I appreciate the somewhat generic reply, but TSI need not "own" the infrastructure or technicians to ensure that its customer doesn't have to wait around for days for an installation which should have taken no more than an hour.

I don't care whether the $65 goes directly to Rogers or to Teksavvy's CEO's toaster replacement fund. I paid TSI to install and activate my service; whether or not Rogers is contracted to do this doesn't concern me.
Any sensible person would tell me to demand at least a portion of this be returned, if the technician not only does nothing but come and waste my time, but cause to live without internet access--which the UN deems a basic human right--for days.

Since it is Rogers that messed this up, it boggles my mind why TSI does not seek compensation from them.
If I pay the post office to ship merchandise to a customer, and the postal service messes up and loses the item, it would be ridiculous for me to refuse to refund the buyer "because I used their money for postage and the cost of the merchandise".
I would immediately refund the buyer and seek compensation from the post, just as TSI should from Rogers.

I'm not interested in posting in the direct forum, which just seems like a way to reduce the likelihood of prospective customers from seeing issues like this. You can find my account with the postal code L4E3V8.

TSI Andre
Got TekSavvy?
Chatham, ON


Hi kimks3,

I am really sorry to hear about your experience, Phil, our escalations manager and I have been talking about your case and we would like to do a deeper dive with Rogers.

Could you please PM me your account details so I can reach out to Rogers about your situation.

Also, please keep me posted on how the visit goes today.

Once I have more info, I will reach out to you with my findings.


TSI Andre
Director of Service Delivery
Authorized TekSavvy Employee ( »TekSavvy FAQ »Official support in the forum )
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Tech support

When you need tech support with Teksavvy is very bad. I made to many call only machine talking and took too long waiting on line. Not like Teksavvy 5 years ago. If the tech support like that how can we solve the problem