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Review by CyberCam See Profile

  • Location: Whitby,ON
  • Cost: $98 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Cable d/l speed is at full 28mb all the time & is AWESOME! Much better than the dual line MLPPP! Customer service is EXCELLENT!"
Bad "Cable u/l speed is less than the old dual line MLPPP. Hopefully this will improve soon."
Overall "There's a reason I've been a TSI customer for 5yrs... bottom line is, they're the BEST in the GTA!"
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I've been a Teksavvy DSL customer for about 5 years. Started off with 6mb/800k single line for the first several years. I added another line a couple years ago to get some half decent speeds. Unfortunately, TSI didn't have cable in my area for some time, so the dual line MLPPP was the best I could get without turning to Rogers cable internet. Do I go with Rogers again...yeah right, not in this lifetime!

For the last little while I've been noticing my dual line MLPPP speed had dropped, so I troubleshoot'd my router a bit, not thoroughly because my workload was large and I didn't have the time, so I just lived with it. I did end up calling Teksavvy about the slow speeds in late November and they said they would look into it.

On December 1st I received a call from a TSI csr supervisor named "Chris", who advised me than Bell had disconnect one of my lines back in April and TSI didn't realise it and had they been charging me all this time. It turns out after calculating all of the charges up for the not service, TSI owed me almost $300.

Chris let me know that TSI cable was finally in my area and using my $300 credit, he could set me up on a 28mb/1mb profile with a modem and that I wouldn't have to pay for a couple of months as well! Obviously I agreed... Chris said he would handle everything and follow-up on the situation as it progressed. The good news is I would keep my DSL until everything was to my satisfaction, so there would be no downtime. Throughout the process (the 10 days) Chris called me couple times to relay my accounting/profile changes & conformation.

Well December 10th (d-day - technician installing my cable), I choose to have them come between 8am to 11am. To my surprise, my long time buddy that I've seen doing the Rogers connections in my area, called me at 8:15am and I was all hooked up by 8:25am.

Awesome! The new speed is fantastic 28/1 (20Mbps more than MLPPP), the speed is right on the money! I'm now going to be paying $20+ less per month on my internet, now that I've dropped the dual line MLPPP. Of course later that day I received a call from Chris again, calling to follow-up on the install. All I have to say is that I'm very impressed with his dedication to making sure I was happy. I thought that I was the only one that had customer service like that... which is a long lost trait, most companies these days have abandoned.

Again thanks TSI & Chris for everything, as long as you keep it up the great work, you'll always have a customer for life!

EDIT: Sept. 9 2014

Just updating my review as I have changed my tier to 150/10 (since April 2014). I'm please to say that my internet connection is still fantastic and stable, I've had only a couple of small outages, that lasted only 20 minutes.

I have also move almost half of my clients to Teksavvy and all are very happy with the service! Thanks again TS!

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Hi There!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to write this, very happy to hear you are seeing full speeds and if you ever have any questions or concerns in terms of your account please feel free to reach out to us anytime

Have a great day!
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