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Review by TLS2000 See Profile

  • Location: Mississauga,ON
  • Cost: $61 per month
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "Unlimited! No fear of punitive extra charges!"
Bad "None found so far"
Overall "Really great service and value for your money!"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·Rogers Hi-Speed
After a few years on the Rogers Ultimate package (grandfathered 75mbps) I finally got to the point where they were charging me $100 extra almost every month due to the amount of time spent on Netflix from my household. I finally said that I'd had enough and put the cancellation order in with Rogerr and ordered TekSavvy's 28/1 service to replace it.

My modem arrived within 2 days of me confirming my payment to them (via online banking). Due to Rogers policy of requiring 30 days notice when you cancel a service with them, I arranged for TekSavvy to be installed on March 29th, 2013, not realizing it was a holiday. That didn't matter, as I was able to disconnect the Rogers modem and hook up the Teksavvy modem without issue.

I did a quick speedtest and speeds were in line with the profile I'm on with speedboost enabled. Youtube streams without issue and Netflix is having no issues either.

All of my questions which were asked on the DSLReports forum were answered promptly by TekSavvy employees, which gave me the confidence to make the switch.

I'm really happy to be a customer of TekSavvy at this point. I know it will get even better when they move my service over to APOI in the summer as I will be able to get better speeds with fair pricing.

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TSI Danielle

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Thank you so much for leaving a review. We appreciate knowing when things have gone well and it's been a painless transition. Please keep us updated on how things are going with the service as we go along.

Welcome to the family and enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!

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