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Review by ghent123 See Profile

  • Location: Gloucester,ON
  • Cost: $95 per month
Good "Value for the money is great, but Marc and other support staff being very active on the DSLr forums is just the cherry on top."
Bad "Any issues that requires rogers to look into more in depth can take some time, but knew that getting into it anyways"
Overall "For the price you can't beat what you get from it."
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I've been with TekSavvys for just over 2 years now.
Since that I believe I had a few issues.
1. was I had the old 475 frame ware 2.08 which caused many error and reboots of the modem. After talking with TekSavvys about it and going through the troubleshooting anything else that could be causing the issue. At the end of the day TekSavvy sent me a modem with the updated frame ware and I sent the old one back once I was up and running. No cost to me.
For gaming it was a nightmare during the time, but couldn't blame TekSavvys for it since it was an upgrade done to rogers network that caused all the issue in the first place.

2. During my move to my new place the move dates got changed at the last min since the place wasn't ready yet. 5 days until I was meant to be moved I had to call TekSavvys and was told it was short notice and unsure if they can cancel the move request.
Sure enough it wasn't enough time took about a week to get my cable back up, but they credited me the move order for my troubles which was great. Wasn't teksavvys fault or rogers, but was on my end.

Network has gone down a few time but normal only do to rogers doing updates to my POI or lines in the area, normal don't find out until it happens and I call in to see what is going on but isn't long.

Some people have had some major issues on the POI I'm on St. Laurent POI in Ottawa but I haven't had most of the issues people have been having.

Always been having the speeds I've being paying for or better (28/1). Even during peak hours not many slow downs.

I'm looking forward the upgrades this summer and better upload speeds.

Just wish the CRTC would fully see what is going on with internet in Canada and be more helpfully towards customers and make it a better market for us all.

Last but not least TekSavvys is still growing and yes there phone ques can be a bit high at some times at least there is help on the DSLr forums for some issues and in the direct forums and doing a lot of work on myworld to make a lot more things easier and quicker without having call in.

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Hi There,

Thanks a lot for the feedback in concerns to the overall performance of your services, and glad to hear that you are happy with the service. In concerns to our phone times we are hiring again, so this should be alleviated soon.

Thanks for taking the time to write this and feel free to get a hold of us anytime!

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