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Six Month Rating

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Review by RizzleQ See Profile

  • Location: Windsor,ON
  • Cost: $79 per month
  • Install: about -9 days
Good "Quick and simple sign up; rock solid connection"
Overall "High quality, reliable service... what more could one ask for?"
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·TekSavvy DSL
So, I used to be a Cogeco Cable Internet subscriber on the 30/1.5 package for several years. I was getting hammered with overage fees every single month due to the absurdly low usage caps Cogeco is all about, so I finally ditched them for TekSavvy's DSL in early 2012. My 6/0.8 DSL service was working fine for me until early 2013. There was some kind of congestion issue in the Windsor area causing crazy slow speeds. My understanding was that this issue was pretty much un-fixable at the time, but I stuck through it for a few months longer just waiting for TekSavvy Cable to come to Cogeco land. As soon as they went aggregated with Cogeco, I jumped on the 20/2 package as quickly as I could.

The sign up was fast and easy considering it was part of the Beta after they went aggregated, and hadn't began offering it to everyone quite yet. I got my DCM476 modem on 3/1/2013, well before the activation date, and connected it to my existing coax behind three splitters (Cogeco TV subscriber). A few hours later the Internet was already working at full speed. Cogeco provisioned my modem way before the activation date? Awesome!

The activation date 3/9/2013 rolls around and I spend all day at home getting nervous no one would show up as it got closer to the 5:00 PM deadline. Fortunately, the Cogeco tech does finally arrive... at 4:50 PM. He verifies the RF signal was good to the coax I had going behind those three splitters, replaces an F-connector on some other coax in my house for whatever reason, and leaves five minutes later.

Ever since then I have had a stable Cable Internet connection, just like it was when I was with Cogeco for all those years. However, the most important difference is NO MORE OVERAGE FEES!!

Now, I say stable in that my connection has yet to drop even once. Though, there was a bit of an issue I encountered only a couple months into the service. Slow speeds hit me again in Windsor. I assumed it couldn't possibly last for too long, but ended up eventually posting in a thread about it here: »Slow Cable Speeds in Windsor, ON

Less than 24 hours after I posted, TekSavvy's CEO, TSI Marc jumps in and saves the day. Additional capacity was turned up and speeds were phenomenal again. Lets fast forward another few months and I'm still getting a high performance and stable Internet connection. I'm lovin' it!

ANNUAL UPDATE (3/11/2014):

Around August or September of 2013, I noticed my upload speed go from 2 Mbps to 10 Mbps. This was part an official increase Cogeco was planning on doing which ended up affecting TPIA as well. TekSavvy has yet to update their website to reflect this change but I'm fine with that. It has been so many months now where I've had a stable and reliable 5x increase in my upload speed. Still lovin' it.

Thank you,


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TSI Ashleigh
Chatham, ON


Hello RizzleQ,

Thank you for the wonderful review. I’m very happy you have enjoyed the service for many years now; DSL and now our Cable internet offering in your area. I’m very happy to see the installation went as planned and you’re receiving consistent speeds; and that you no longer have to worry about overages on your monthly billing statement. It is great knowing that your billing statement will be the same every month without extra bandwidth overage fee’s added.

I’m sorry to hear there was a brief period where you were receiving slower connection speed in the Windsor area, however am happy we were able to resolve it in a timely manner.

Please keep us updated on your TekSavvy Journey and if you have any questions or concerns we can always be reached through the Direct Forum »TekSavvy Direct. We are always happy to help!

Thank you again
TSI Ashleigh - E-Services.
Authorized TekSavvy Employee