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Review by camelot See Profile

  • Location: Whitby,ON
  • Cost: $60 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Used to be."
Bad "Pretty much everything about their process."
Overall "Find someone else."
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·Start Communicat..
I was a satisfied customer- up until the last month. Oh how quickly you lose customers.

I had decided that I can no longer rely on a service with multiple daily disconnects, and the subsequent hour-long wait to speak with someone.

I had called on September 9th, to schedule a disconnection day for 30 days out (end of my billing cycle)- for October 10th.

Come September 19th, I have no service. After waiting on hold yet again, the CSR tells me that I've been disconnected... 3 WEEKS EARLY. I asked if it was Rogers or TSI's fault, and they said without a doubt- TSI's fault. They improperly handled the disconnection order to Rogers.

I have no service at all. No phone, and it's awfully embarrassing to use the public library or coffee shop wifi to work.

I called Start, and the earliest they can do a "transfer of service" is October 2nd. Or the other option would be to setup as a NEW customer in 5 days....with a $50 connection charge. Transfers from existing are free. TSI offered to set me up as a new customer too, however they wouldn't be able to do it until mid-October...?????

This was supposed to be a same-day disconnect/reconnect and no additional costs incurred. A minute to swap the modem. Instead, I'm getting boned for the $50 connection fee because I simply cannot wait another 2 weeks for a transfer. No compensation other than waiving the "reconnect" if I sign back up with TSI. Really? So, come back to the same company after more than a month of being offline because of a mistake YOU made??

TSI, get your shit in shape. The boat won't float much longer if you keep making basic mistakes. I was an avid TSI supporter- even after my decision to leave. However this is a rotten way to end things. How hard is it to schedule a disconnect???

I called Start. How nice it is to speak to someone on the 3rd ring.

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TSI Jonathan


Hi Camelot,

I am very sorry to read the end of our business relationship ended on a bad note. I was able to locate your account and yes, it definitely was our fault on this one. The manager of the agent that created this problem has been notified to ensure proper coaching will be performed.

I sincerely apologize for what happened, delays have been impacting us very hard during the busy back to school season which has been hurting wait times. It’s been discussed in in Marc’s blog here -> »blogs.teksavvy.com/?p=2533


TSI Jonathan
Online Experience Manager
Authorized TSI employee - Teksavvy Solutions Inc.

Whitby, ON
·Start Communicat..
·TekSavvy Cable

Re: Review

said by TSI Jonathan:

I sincerely apologize for what happened

Whatever. That's all I've been getting aside from one offer to get me back up and running by mid-October (possibly/maybe) and waiving the connection fee. Gee. What a deal.

I'll be advising other potential customers to steer clear of TSI.