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Review by Org See Profile

  • Location: Newton,Jasper,IL
  • Cost: $30 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Better then dialup/satellite and unlimited *read update"
Bad "Drops nearly every 2 hours for 20-60sec's"
Overall "It works but if your a gamer the reliabitly is iffy."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Easily gets 50down 25up kb/s and a common ping of 30-35.

Network drop's nearly every 2 hours on the dot for 20-60sec's. If you plan to play online games the drops can get old but for basic browsing the web and checking emails you may not even notice.

I'd put the over all the up time at about 97%.

Their web-page: »www.mmtcnet.com/Internet.html

update: The connection reliability/speed/ping has gone from outstanding to worst then dial up 3-5 hours a day (~5pm-11pm on weekends being the worst).

screenshot: »s22.postimg.org/wve6xulip/Untitl ··· tled.png

I think they over sold and can't handle the demand. ping can jump form 7ms to 1500+ (fist hop during peak hours) with huge packet drops and speed can be 0 to 100kb (they up'ed everyone speed about a year ago then it started getting choppy).

I'm looking into »www.cellular1.net/plandetails.as ··· wireless their doing upgrades/testing so can't sign up for it atm.

2nd update: well cellular1 only offers home internet north of town…. (waited a year+ for this....) But good news »www.bspeedy.com/coverage.html said they plan on covering the Wakefield/Bogota area in a few months and they seem to be a good one.

*Montrose Mutual seems to be bit better then normal but still coppy. you can stream Videos/games SOMETIMES during the day but it's like a 50/50 chance it'll work.

3rd update: They fixed something (not sure what didn't ask) all I know is the box outside of my home has been replaced and speeds are 2xfaster (getting around 200kb/s) and reliability is 100x better.

Over the last few weeks its been down maybe 2% of the time (compared to 10%+) and ping/packet loss much much better. Ping being anywhere from 77-300 (average 100ish) while gaming and packet loss 0-3%. It still has noticeable delay/hiccups while gaming at peck hours but that is to be expected still useable.

As for streaming movies/netflix not one issue. streams 360 easy 480 is iffy if your let it buffer everything's good.

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