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Review by ddfunk See Profile

  • Location: Winchester,Frederick,VA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "None"
Bad "Everything...Owner is a tard"
Overall "Stay away, because they are going to rip you off."

Winchester Wireless practices a bait and switch scam, where a customer has a money back period during the initial 30 days. During that time your connection will be great with little to no issues. Then after the 30 day period is up. Your connection is severely degraded with restrictions. Outages become an every day occurrence. If you complain, David Williamson first, will try to blame your equipment. Next, he blames radio interference. If you happen to know computer networking, and prove it is an issue on his network. He will tell you to take it or leave it. Offer you $100 to buy back your equipment. My initial install was over $600. He regularly deletes any and all Facebook entries made by Winchester Wireless customers which paint him or Winchester Wireless in a negative light. Currently my connection has 50 plus outages a day. Each lasting anywhere from 2-12 seconds. I proved there was an issue on his network, which he promptly demanded I pinpoint the problem on his network. I refuses and was subsequently deleted from the Facebook Winchester Wireless. Thus hiding his broken network from other customers. In my opinion David Williamson is a thief and a conman. He regularly berates and insults customers on the fore mentioned Facebook group. The Better Business Bureau has given him a grade of F. Save your money and find something else.

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