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Review by cb14 See Profile

  • Location: Miami Beach,Miami-Dade,FL
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good " FREE service."
Bad "Call treatments unreliable, no customer service, voice transcription worthless, call quality dropp no support for 'early media'."
Overall "Not recommended any more except as a throw away number."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Edited 2013-11-04 : Google announce the end of third party applications as of May 14th, 2014. After this day it will not be possible to use Obi ( and most likely any other devices) to make and receive calls through Google Voice. I do not consider GV( or in the future, Hangouts) call treatments reliable enough, so what remains is a free voice mail box. If you have GV now, use it for the time being, but I do not recommend to port numbers to them or start new service with them.

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Edited 2014-01-20

The problems with call treatments are growing- among others delivering of a fake CLID on forwarded calls. Also, in the recent months the call quality and consistency is going down hill. Still good, but not excellent any more. At this point of time I would not recommend it for anything except as a cheap throw away mailbox/phone number. The choice of DID's, excellent in the past, is just so so today.

I use Google Voice via my obi 100 and 202 ATA for both incoming and outgoing calls.


_Edited 2014-01-22 The call quality sunk allmost to the level of magic jack . I will not use it for outgoing calls any more.___________________________________________________________________________________-

Original review:

The call quality is surprisingly good, matches a number of VOIP providers. the consistency is excellent.Better than cell phone, suitable for serious use.

I had some problems with the reliability of call treatments( call forwarding etc) and I decided not to use them any more or only occasionally. The voice mail transcription is worthless.

Tech support nonexistent, only a user forum. International rates unimpressive.

DID choice used to be excellent, much less so currently but still good.

Can be used from (most)other countries as well as long as the account was set up in the US.

GV has currently a very major flaw, read here :

»Google Voice odd behavior

With all it's limitations, still fully recommended for a cost conscious person as a supplement to cell phones and other VOIP providers.

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