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Review by darcilicious See Profile

  • Location: Forest Grove,Washington,OR
  • Cost: $120 per month
Good "No drastic changes for me with the transition"
Bad "Online website for account management (bills, etc) is flakey as hell"
Overall "I'm with Frontier until they start dumping channels or raising prices"

December 2012
Nothing new to report. Haven't changed our package, still getting the advertised speed for the most part though upload isn't quite as consistent as it once but not a deal breaker. Not on a contract, still have the old (2009) Extreme HD package the only new channel not included has been FSCHD but oh, well.

July 10, 2010

Bad point:
* Noticed the other day that none of the episodes for HD TV shows have been updated past 6/30. Once again, VOD via Verizon/Frontier proven to be worthless. (There was about 6+ months starting mid-Fall '09 where Vz was weeks behind or completely missing episodes via VOD).

July 6, 2010

Good points:
* No change in speed (I have 25/25 and got 26/23 this morning to a good/consistent speed test site that I use regularly)
* No change in channel line up, or other TV programming like VOD

Bad points:
* Trying to access my account info (bills, etc) has been a nightmare all day. Earlier, the pages weren't even rendering correctly (in either Firefox or IE). And now this evening, the website returns "http/1.1 Service Unavailable"
* Us ex-Verizon customers are a long way from being integrated into Frontier systems, if it ever actually happens completely. Frontier basically received cloned versions of Verizon's site, so we're totally separate and I can't help but wonder how well they'll be able to maintain it.

Not much else to say at this point though I'm curious to see if we ever receive new channels, if various web-based services (access to DVRs and the like) are ever re-implemented by Frontier, and what kind of IMG updates we receive, if any.

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