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Review by Mannus See Profile

  • Location: Fort Wayne,Allen,IN
  • Cost: $45 per month
Good "works, better than advertised speeds"
Bad "CS is pain to work with. Long hold queues"
Overall "works"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

08-2010 Part of the Frontier switch over from Verizon. No service hiccups thus far. I am internet only on Cat5e to my D-Link DIR-655 router and get 25/8 speeds on my 15/5 package consistently.

Pre-sales, install co-ord, and tech supp I rated as average only because they do not apply in my particular situation. Ordering and install was done previously and I have not needed tech support since initial install.

See my Verizon FiOS review.

01-2011 - So far service has been problem free since the transition to Frontier.
Seeing ~25/8 speeds on my 15/5 connection rather consistently.

04-2011 Switched out my DIR-655 for Samknows WNR3500L Gigabit router back in February of 2011 and noticed a slight increase in throughput. Service has been rock steady. Speeds average ~23/~22 up and down respectively.

12-2011 Called CS (2 hour ordeal) to get current pricing which is 35.99 for 15/5 tier plus 5.00 additional for internet only. 9.00/month saving and still better than advertised speeds.

06-2012 Service is still performing above average with almost symmetrical ~25/~25 speeds on a 15/5 plan. Don't know how much longer it will last as I may have to move.

08-2012 Frontier finally caught up with me and adjusted by speed to ~15/5. No more fluff

11-2012 1st service call/tech visit in 6 years. Had ONT replaced after loosing connection. Tech was competent and friendly. Service call was almost three hours. He even called me the next day to make sure everything was still working.

04-2013 Bumped by package up to the 25/10 tier. 49.99 month to month

04-2014 Moved to a new place and managed to get a 5.00 monthly credit after I informed Frontier comcast was offering me 50/10 for 50.00. I am happy w/ my current tier and now I get to save some money also.

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