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Review by mr_slick See Profile

  • Location: Lynnwood,Snohomish,WA
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Same Verizon FIOS line/hardware"
Bad "Sometimes routing, DNS servers, Support"
Overall "Glad I'm still on an almost always rock solid fast line"

So once upon a time there was a dream of FIOS coming to my area for a low low price with no contracts or bundling required.....

Here is my history (in US$ and Kbps):

Verizon 3000/768 DSL -- OK, but getting slow $40 (if you include the landline and all the fees.

Verizon 10000/2000 FIOS -- HELL YA I'VE GOT FIBER!!! $42 (thats it!, no "you have to subscribe to.... also crap)

DSL Extreme FIOS 10000/2000 -- Verizon told me they were upping my rate and there was nothing I could do... although I would get 15/5 instead of the 10/2. I dumped them and went to the reseller DSL Extreme for like $1 more total = $43

Then was told Frontier was the new chief in town and they would NOT be reselling to DSL Extreme...... so now I was forced with keeping my beloved fiber for more money or going to comcast (for more money).

After a full day of telling them "NO SIR I ALREADY HAVE A LINE / ONT IN MY HOUSE, please just transfer my account info/give me an IP" I was back up and running for $55 for 15000/5000Kbps.

I still have the old account active (they still send me a bill telling me I have a $1.70 credit balance). I have tried to close it. I had to change DNS servers recently because they redirect you (I am using the old ones I did with Verizon).

I bought a new router when I saw they added a port forward rule to modify the router that you cannot delete.

OTHER THAN THAT IT IS GREAT-- USUALLY REALLY FAST, I almost always get 15.9Mbps down when maxing it out and about 4.8Mbps up.

###update i recently discovered that it might be possible for me to get 25/25 for $42/mo (because of a thread in the frontier forum), so i went and looked online. it took me forever to login, because i have never used their portal and did not have a phone number and did not know my acct#... finally was able to get in and saw that they did not offer the 25/25 deal, but i was eligible for 35/35 for the same $55 i was paying... so i jumped on it and am super happy-- getting ~38Mbps up and down now!

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