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Review by TSUFtWayne See Profile

  • Location: Fort Wayne,Allen,IN
  • Cost: $70 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 11 days
Good "Very fast Internet, probably the fastest internet available in this area"
Bad "Old Equipment (Outdated Actiontec Router), VERY POOR C.S., Terrible Wireless Sgnal Degradation @only 35ft from Router!"
Overall "I'm in the process of wiring the whole house with CAT 6 Ethernet Cable to ensure I get the speed I'm paying for, 35/25"

This is the company (Frontier) that bought the Ft. Wayne/Allen County Market from Verizon when Verizon bowed out to focus on their wireless business & get out of the Internet, Phone & TV Business. Approximately 8yrs ago Verizon came into town & decided to enter the TV, Phone & Internet business with a huge bonus to everyone living here by dropping ALL NEW FIOS underground cable. They wired the whole city & all the outlying areas in Allen County as well & from day one we ordered the whole package. It was by far the best for not just internet service, but also for TV & Phone service too. They were unbeatable in almost every area, including terrific CS. Things were great until Frontier took over & now it's an absolute nightmare. Frontier wasn't prepared to handle a market of this size (about 500,000 people in the Fort Wayne/Allen County Area). Aside from being overwhelmed & understaffed they also managed to close many of the CS centers here in the city, & left only one of them open! It's been a couple of years since they took over & they're by far the worst company I've ever dealt with from not just a CS standpoint, but also because they don't keep up with their current equipment, nor do they seem to know how to maintain or effectively utilize their network control center equipment, because just calling CS with an issue will often result in you losing your service for days, sometimes weeks without any end in sight & despite multiple calls that get routed to nearly every state in the Lower 48. Clearly they just don't have a good system for CS computer training or for Field Techs. It's basically like rolling the dice on what you'll get when you call CS & ask for a Tech to come out. Anything, & I'm not exaggerating, can happen. From them completely screwing up your connection, to Field Techs that don't know or understand basic network terminology when you try to get questions answered. If it weren't for the fact that they still have the fastest internet available here (really this is only because Verizon installed all new FIOS Cable in the area) then we'd be with Comcast or one of the other many optional Internet Service Providers here in Fort Wayne. We did dump their TV service & we REALLY miss Verizon & have hopes they'll return, but it's not looking too likely. As for the chance Frontier will get better, well, I still have an old Actiontec Router that Frontier simply put their sticker over the Verizon Logo on & has been in use since the lines were installed here in the early 2000's. This is common practice though, as I have friends who've got Motorola HD DVR boxes with Frontier Stickers covering the front part of the DVR that had the Verizon logo on it. It's clear that updating their equipment isn't in the cards for Frontier anytime soon, & what they don't understand is more & more folks in Fort Wayne are going back to Comcast & other providers simply because of the absolutely terrible & inadequate CS Frontier "provides". It's almost become a joke here in town & I hope no one has to go through the consistent nightmare we've had to endure since Frontier took over the market here & ruined the best FIOS System I've ever had the pleasure of being online with. I know many folks have written letters to the editor of our local paper, complained to Frontier & even gone to the extent of complaining to the BBB & Consumer Affairs in some cases. Yeah, it's really THAT BAD!!!

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