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Review by sir didymus See Profile

  • Location: Snohomish,Snohomish,WA
  • Cost: $170 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "At least Frontier is still interested in Internet Service"
Bad "They really want to price you out of FiOS TV now"
Overall "Unbundle it! Ditch Frontier for TV."
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Install Co-ordination:
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Value for money:

As a long time FiOS customer (way before it was Frontier), I was dismayed to hear that my bill would raise from $90/mo (pre-tax) to $170/mo (pre-tax) due to the "end of bundling discounts that Frontier can no longer offer".

In working through this process, I found that the Internet service was only $50 and that the TV would add $90/mo for the service I used to pay $45 for. Adding phone service would add about $10 after they give you a $10 bundle credit because you took the phone.

I think it's pretty obvious they really don't care to sell FiOS TV any more either. All FiOS TV bundles on their web site state "call for pricing" now.

I only had the phone line because it was required to set up the $90/mo bundle two years ago. To this day, all Frontier bundles must include phone service because Frontier is "here to stay" like that. It mostly worked, but who REALLY needs a land line these days?

I chose to unbundle and go to $50/mo for FiOS 25 Mbps Internet only. It seems this is what Frontier really wants you to do anyways.

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Bothell, WA

Yeah, Fios tv is stuck in the rut.

I agree, my FiosTV Extreme is at $75 per month (unbundled). It includes everything but the Fox Sports East/Central West and the .tv channels.
However, I can get AAA/Directv Premiere for $70, including all of the movie channels ($36/mo. from Frontier) for the first. Yes, the second year it does go up $30.

Frontier at Everett Mall signed me up for a 1 year Double-play without me agreeing, though it is good at $71 for 35/15 MB and Phone. My Frontier bill with 1 HD, 1 cablecard, 2 SD, 1 adapter boxes is now over $165 and will be going up 35 or 50 a month as discounts fall off.