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Review by cell14 See Profile

  • Location: Miami Beach,Miami-Dade,FL
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Absolutely best value for the money, honest way of doing business"
Bad "Some calls have to be redialed due to bad connection,"
Overall "Fully recommended"
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IMO the best choice for international calls for anyone who needs to budget and still wants to have a decent quality and reliability. There are some cheaper possibilities but they are really bad. Some calls have to be re dialed because of bad connection, if you e-mail them they will credit you for the call .Off course, it is often not worth to spend time writing to the CS in order to get a 2 cents credit..

If you do not need a DID there are no monthly fees, no sign up fees and the minimum refill amount is only one dollar. You can also choose to pay in UK pounds or in Euros. However, you have to make the choice before you create the account and cannot change it, which is not quite clear from their web site If you choose payment in Euro or UK pounds or if your billing address is within an EU country, you will be charged VAT US customer should note that some US credit cards charge fees for transactions outside for the US even if it is in US $ (!). After being ripped of by BOA I started making payments through Capital One. Localphone does not accept American Express.

The DID's are a bit basic. Also,you cannot choose your number. They provide porting for $ 25.- however it takes several weeks.The DID prices are extremely competitive, but not for all countries.

Also the area code selection depends on the country. US, UK, Netherlands have a good selection of area codes while Germany or Austria do not.

There is no remote access to your voice mail. You can only call from your soft phone or from your ATA. Currently, they also provide phone support.

You can set any of your registered phone numbers or DIDs as your caller ID.

You can set up call filtering in order to block unwanted callers.

Localphone provides outgoing SMS service, however incoming SMS are limited to UK DIDs at this time.

Their calling card service is awesome for both domestic use and international travel.One disadvantage- you can have only one assigned calling card access number at a time and you have to cancel it and get a new one when you travel to a different location.

I like the way they do business- no BS and no deceptive practices and hidden charges so typical for many cheap( and not so cheap) VOIP providers.

A little nicety are their special offers- like a week of free calling to a certain country or a free DID sign up.

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Lexington, KY
·Future Nine Corp..

1 edit

how much was transaction fee?

Edit: i had purchased $2 and was charged 6cents and it shows up as 'INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTION FEE' under my Bank Of America Checking card. wish i had used my chase sapphire instead..

how much was the transaction fee when you used a US based BOA card? Just curious as I have used mine a few seconds ago (am a new customer for localphone) and still researching on it....

Miami Beach, FL

Re: how much was transaction fee?

BOA charged 3%( a rip off, no costs to them whatsoever)