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Review by cb14 See Profile

  • Location: Miami Beach,Miami-Dade,FL
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Excellent value for the money, variety of services"
Bad "Some features just basic"
Overall "Absolutely recommended."
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I have been using Localphone since November 2011. Localphone provides a number of services, you just use what you need.VOIP is only of of many and most likely not the main line of business.

VOIP service. Very good an inexpensive, but somewhat basic.The pricing of DID's is unbeatable for a number of countries, e.g. US, UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands , Sweden, France but somewhat pricey in others.

The choice of area codes is excellent in some countries e.g. Netherlands, Belgium, UK. but far less so in countries like Germany or Austria. There is a pretty good choice of US area codes.

Porting is available for $ 25.-.

You can set all your registered phone numbers or DIDs as an outgoing caller ID.

There is no three way calling available. Voice mail can be listened to from your own phone or via internet, no remote phone access from another phone.

Incoming call quality on DID's I have rented is excellent, outgoing call quality is generally very good, improved compared to a few years ago.

Calling rates to land lines are extremely competitive. Some cell phone destination rates can be found elsewhere cheaper.You do not need to rent a DID and pay monthly fees to have an outgoing service. Also the virtual calling card feature is very interesting, making it possible to make cheap international phone calls from other phones. With the Local Number service you can get local numbers in your area which forward the calls to distant destinations, e.g. You live in Miami and have a friend in Australia so you get for any registered phone a local 305 or 786 area code number and the call gets forwarded to the Australian number at minimal costs.

Services work for international travelers as well. One flaw- you get only one virtual calling card access number and you have to cancel it and get a new one every time you are in a new destination and need a local access code.

Localphone provides outgoing SMS service, incoming service only for UK DID's for calls originated from UK.

The web site has improved.

The have added callback service.

Payments possible through Visa/ Mastercard or pay pal and you can open an account with just one dollar. You have choice of 3 currencies. Caveat : You cannot change the currency after you chose one! also, many US credit cards charge for foreign transactions even if they are in US $ ( BOA, Citibank) some other s do not ( Capital one). If your credit card has a billing address in an EU country you will be charged VAT.

It is very easy to start up most of the Localphone services however setting up the VOIP service was somewhat complex,among other issues there was no support for configuring my Obi ATA.

They are no hidden fees and the company does not use any deceptive practices.

Localphone provides free i-numbers

Localphone provides toll free termination to US and UK toll free numbers.

Customers service can be reached by via e-mail or by phone( tech support e-mail only), very unusual for a low cost provider.

Company straight forward, no deceptive practices.

Localphone currently won a ITSPA Best consumer VOIP award 2013 and 2014.

Localphone does not have the popularity in the US it deserves which is unfortunate.

Update 2013/11/26 :Localphone now provides monthly subscription for calls to 63 countries. To US numbers, its $ .75 for 250 minutes, $ 1.60 for 800 min or $ 5.- for 5000 minutes (0.1c/min!) Caveat with some international destinations- if you for example call German land lines only(0.7 c/min) and never German cell phones(5.2 c/min) then it is cheaper not to have a subscription (2.6c/min)

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San Jose, CA

Minute subscriptions: "requires you to dial a local landline number"

You mentioned localphone's subscriptions (minute bundles). But they state:

"Important: This service requires you to dial a local landline number, that means you may also pay your phone provider local charges"

Don't follow. What local landline number? Does it mean those bundled-minutes can't be used if you dial-out from a VOIP/ATA device to an arbitrary DID# across the country?


Miami Beach, FL
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Re: Minute subscriptions: "requires you to dial a local landline number"

They use a confusing language. Localphone provides different services, VOIP is just one of them. They have a popular calling card service, local numbers and call back and with some of those services you have to call a local access number in order to make a long distance call.
If you have VOIP service through your own ATA you do not need , off course, to call any access number. I wish they would clean up the verbiage. There is the same unnecessary confusion lately with the setting of caller ID .