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Review by neftv See Profile

  • Location: Broomall,Delaware,PA
  • Cost: $2 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "For low usage, Cost, Customer/Tech support usually responsive, Free iNUM."
Bad "Very bare bones provider- see write up"
Overall "Time will tell but so far so good. better ping times to sip server than I had with Broadvox then QuantumVoice."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I decided to port my number to another provider but I will still keep SIP Global Phone for a while for some international calls for the time being,

I decided to move to a PayGo service. I found Sip Global Phone saw they had what I was looking for. Basically pay for what I use with a DID number that I ported in with E911 service. I actually signed up with SIP Global Phone prior to Nov 1 to test it out. Ping times to the Sip Server where less than what I had when I was with Broadvox and the with Quantumvoice. I think audio equality is excelent of this provider. So I formally started to port my number to Sip Global Phone and took 10 days. There was one hiccup with some account ownership and was required to re-submit an invoice from QuantumVoice (which I had done Nov1) but the port over went smoothly. If I had to select a new number there is not much of a selection in the webportal that I see. All Atlanta and Ohio Numbers.

The following were my cost involved with SIP Global Phone.
One Time Service Fees:
- LNP Processing Fee (1xxx-xxx-xxxx): $10
- DID Setup Fee (1xxx-xxx-xxxx): $4.95

Recurring Services:
- DID Charge (1xxx-xxx-xxxx): $1.24
-E911 service (1xxx-xxx-xxxx): $1.25
I have Pay for what I use which is $0.0099/min (domestic) both in and outbound.

And that is it.

Now some details I need to say...
Web site does say they have Featured services of the following included in the service.
3-way calling
Call forwarding
Call waiting
Caller ID
Voice Mail
Do Not Disturb
Voicemail to Email

I have yet to realize how any of these services work and there is no documentation on their webportal regarding the above services. I wanted to setup Voicemail but there is nothing about this anywhere that I could find. I submitted a ticket regarding voicemail but have no response. Caller ID only displays incoming number and no name, I guess its a big hassle to have name in caller ID. Outgoing Caller ID you can set number to display but if you have E911 service it's fixed to your DID. Outgoing Caller ID is fixed to whatever you want but it's done by Tech support.
There is a feature of email warning when your credit drops below a level you set for. I have it for $1. You use Paypal or Google Check out to refill credit and the lowest is $10.
Support request, setting up iNum, Speed dial, DID/Virtual numbers, Rates, Call Estimator are some of the things you can do in the web portal.
I going to stick with them for the time being, see how it goes before I can recommend them to anyone. I don't have enough time with them to post a rating for reliabilty but so far so good. That is about all at this time.

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