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Review by wapu See Profile

  • Location: Boca Raton,Palm Beach,FL
  • Cost: $150 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "None really"
Bad "Internet is slow and sporadic, Cable is choppy, Cable interface is outdated"
Overall "they suck"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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UPDATE 12-11-2010
They still suck. We had internet go out again tonight. The modem would sync, but DHCP would fail. after an hour we called tech support and they told us they could roll a truck in 4 days from now to come look at it. The phone support told me I could trying going to Best Buy and buying a modem if I couldn't wait that long, but likely there was line down somewhere causing the problem.

I have had Comcast in 3 different areas of the Country over the past 9 years, Parkland, Washington, Florence, Alabama and now Boca Raton, Florida. We used to be huge Comcast supporters. I actual called them the best utility I have ever subscribed to in my life. And they used to be. And they may still be in Washington or Alabama. But not here in Florida.

I set up my service online for the day we were arriving in Florida. We were moving to a town home community and had the choice between U-Verse and Comcast. I was very excited to have Comcast again. I was told the install would be $29.99 and set the time. I was asked if I needed to connect wirelessly. I said sure and they told me it would be part of the set up. I also asked to be bumped up in speed. I scheduled the install for the day we arrived. The tech who came out seemed nice and we were telling him about how excited we were to have Comcast again. We offered Soda and water which he accepted while there.

He was getting bad numbers from the connection we wanted the modem on in the bedroom and he was fiddling with splitter in the wall and told me he was switching them to get a better connection going to the outlet we wanted to use. I watched as he removed the existing splitter and used 2 new ones in it's place. The wiring was in place already for 2 outlets in the living room and 2 outlets in the master bedroom. It came in to one outlet and then was split to the others. I asked about having both of the outlets in the living room connected as we had not unpacked yet, and he told me no problem. He didn't have a wireless router for me, I was actually OK with that as I still had my own, but he also didn't have the DVR we ordered. he didn't have any on the truck and told me he would bring one the next day. Between 12 and 3. I hooked my TV up to both outlets with the standard box and it worked in both places. He then told me he was not supposed to hook up both but he would anyways, In a Cuban accent he told me "If you scratch my back I scratch yours, you know". I just sort of smiled and chuckled. I had just driver 1200 miles in a Uhaul and completely missed what he wanted.

After that, he was a different person. Much less talkative. He did some more stuff in the wall and then packed everything up. As he was leaving he told me it would likely be someone else who would bring the cable box.

Later that night as we were moving the TV around, I switched back to the other outlet in the living room and it didn't work. I took the plate off the outlet with the splitter and saw that he had unhooked the 2nd connection in the living room. and had put the old splitter back in place. Now I understood. He was looking for me to pay him under the table for the 2nd outlet.

The next day, a tech came with a "New" box. He showed up close to 5 and I almost didn't let him in my house. He had baggy gangster pants on with his boxers hanging out the top. The corn rows were a personal choice, but the gold teeth is was really made my wife uncomfortable. 4 tries later, we got a comcast box with scratches on the front and a half full DVR.

As for the actual service itself, the internet goes down regularly, and we have crap for speeds. Customer support has us go to a comcast speed test and says everything is fine. Support also tells me my modem is configured correctly for a 12/2 speed tier. Downstream data rate:6600000 UpStream data rate:1100000. I guess it is me who is bad at math.

The interface for the cable box is terrible and hard to navigate and laggy. The on demand menu, when it works, looks like something from Windows 98. Of course it only actually starts our program about 60% of the time.

The DVR likes to randomly decide when to break a recording into chunks. We had one episode of glee broken into 12 pieces. It was all there, we just had to watch it in 2 minute chunks.

The cable itself loses sound for 10-15 seconds during every 30 minutes of TV watching.

So with all of these problems what does customer support tell me? My line is fine and the rest of the stuff isn't bad enough to warrant any further investigation. Of course that is on my third call. The first non English speaking lady hung up on me. The second cut me off while transferring me to someone else.

So my review of Comcast is that they now suck.

My previous Reviews of Comcast:

I ordered Comcast HSI and 7 days later I was up and running. The installation was great. I switched from DSL and I have 4 computers sharing the connection via a network. All I did was unplug the cat5 going to my Netgear router from my PC and plug it into the RCA Cable modem.I then installed the Comcast software, entered the info required for my account and got on the internet with very fast speed. I then uninstalled the Comcast software and plugged the netgear box into the RCA box and plugged my PC back into the Netgear router. My network was back on the internet.

I am very pleased. I get no packet loss(was getting 5-20% with DSL) and my pings have been cut in half. I game a lot so that was big plus.

The installation was very simple. The tech came out, made sure everything worked to the RCA Cable modem. She was there on time, and it only took about 10 minutes. It only took me another 10 minutes to get my network up.

Everything was great!

Everything is still great! Great Pings, and only 4 hours of down time on the last year. A car hit a pole down the street. They gave me 3 days credit for it.

Parkland Washington Comcast is so far the best Broadband I have ever dealt with.

Moved to Florence, AL and Comcast here is even better. We love them.

We will miss you Comcast. Moving to North Carolina and you are not available there.

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