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  • Location: Pleasanton,Alameda,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Cheap enough"
Bad "Stopped working, horrible customer service"
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My husband and I live out of the country and were so excited by Nettalk.
One of the pros of it vs. competitors was that it lets you choose an area
code for your phone number. What happened to us was that we chose the
number we wanted and it was assigned to us- but for some reason that was
never our number- people reached us at a completely different phone number
entirely. Trying to sort this out was impossible. Don't let the 24/7
customer service sales pitch fool you- when you call you are a ridiculous
caller number and it takes literally hours to get through. When I finally
got through the only time I ever did, the person couldn't help and patched
me through to tech support- I had to wait on hold for ages AGAIN and they
couldn't sort out the number situation. A few months in it stopped working
entirely. For the past few weeks I've sent trouble ticket after trouble
ticket, email after email, to no avail. I can't call because I have no US
phone, and it's radio silence from the company. I am going to throw in the
towel and order a Magic Jack, crossing my fingers it's better. Save
yourself the time and hassle- don't buy this product!!

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lodged 1.5 years ago

PX Eliezer7
Hutt River

Proceeding blindly....

There is lots more to VoIP than NetTalk or MagicJack.

If you posted your needs and your location in the main VoIP forum then people might have useful suggestions for you.

»VOIP Tech Chat


There are many alternatives!

As PX said, there are lots of choices. In the short term, sign up for Google Voice. You'll be able to start calling immediately, using a headset or microphone on your computer. The service itself is free, though you'll pay $0.01/minute to call US numbers (except toll free). You can likely get a number in your desired city, also free, but you may need to enlist the help of a US friend to get the number "verified".

For a quality, well-supported solution that uses real phones, please post: What country are you in? In what city would you like a number? What is your approximate monthly minutes usage, incoming and outgoing to US? If you call other countries much, please provide some details.

IMO, magicJack is not suitable for someone who wants hassle-free service.