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Review by Corehhi See Profile

  • Location: Bluffton,Beaufort,SC
  • Cost: $55 per month
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I have had Hargray high speed for years now, actually I was the first on my street to sign up. Originally it was DSL with problems then they switched everyone to cable, still problems with latency and speed. Hargray in the last month did a lot of work fixing cable breaks and upgrading to DOCIS 3.0 and it actually worked. My 3 meg down load is coming in at 3.2 at any time of day and as soon as I drop by the office for a new modem I'll have 5 meg down for $39.99. Tiers are now 5, 10 and 20 megs download. Up load still slow I know my line gets 500 KPS right now but I think switch to a new modem gets me 1 meg up load speeds.

Over all everything work great.

Update, no need for a new modem I just called and was upgrades to 5meg down 1 up. I'm grandfathered in so I don't need to pay a rental fee for a modem but others will have to pay 4.99 a month. The price has also gone up if you don't have one of their "bundled" packages, BTW you need to get everything in writing if you get services from Hargray they have gone cell phone and will basically low ball every number they give you expecting to later blame price differences on taxes etc. They pulled some crap on my landline phone price so now I just use a tracfone and have cancelled my landline which boosted my internet bill to 46.99 a month for 5 megs.

Over all my service works well, up almost always, speed and latency consistence day round. Can't complain about anything.

Update, Hargray switch out my modem and I now get hit with a $6 fee. This was done when I upgraded to a 15/1 meg line. Over all service has been good being able to run multiple Netflix feeds at a time no problem with other internet uses going on. Repair line seems to have been brought in house again no call center in where ever it use to be. Service people have been much nicer lately. Little down time except for one week when they tried to upgrade something and failed, bad connection for a few days. Other then price creep I've got no problems for now.

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Bluffton, SC
·Hargray Cable


I live in Bluffton, Heritage Lakes to be exact and here's my latest update. Service has been smooth with low latency for at least 9 months now, smooth sailing. 5 meg down and I have no problem streaming Netflix in HD on one device or good quality to two or three devices at a time. No complaints. My only problem is I might have to upgrade to the 10 meg tier since I just get lifeline basic for cable and stream a lot of internet content now. FYI, if you have the life line cable service you will get all the major channels in HD, NBC, FOX, ABC, CW,PBS etc. Just let your TV scan for the channels and there they are in HD and 5.1. For that matter they have no way of blocking out lifeline basic channels or the HD channels if you order internet service so if you want to be cheap, internet service and no cable will get you the major network channels for free. Add Netflix or whatever and you can get a lot of bang for your buck.