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Review by RR99i See Profile

  • Location: Anderson,Madison,IN
  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Very solid speed, stable and low monthly cost!"
Bad "Right now, nothing yet."
Overall "Only best Broadband provider in area, multiple speed packages, lowest prices!"
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

First off, I did a review for a WISP called NDWave over four years ago. About a year after having them, Verizon finally offered DSL where I lived. The reasoning for bring up NDWave is the CEO of it, Steve Narducci. I'm back with his new WISP! With moving to a new place, DSL and Cable was definitely out of the question. I went with Omnicity (which bought NDWave), because I'm still in the area. We had them for about six months, until I had enough! Gaming was horrible, speeds dropping throughout the day... a mess! I haven't been on DSLReports for a long time, and knew it was time to look around. With living out in the country like my old place, it was going to be a hard search. Luckily, I saw a customer with ZigWireless in the same town where NDWave was based. That's when I did research because of Omnicity going down hill and Steve being removed from them.

Checking out the ZigWireless site (»zigwireless.com/), they offered multiple speed packages. At this time, they're offering four speed packages:

$24.95 1.5 meg download / 384K upload

$32.95 2 meg download / 512K upload

$39.95 3 meg download / 768K upload

$49.95 5 meg download / 1 meg upload

I went with $39.95 3 meg download / 768K upload. Wanted the same speeds I had with DSL, just enough to enjoy.


As of right now, speeds and ping are staying very stable. My brother plays Xbox Live on the Xbox 360 (Call of Duty: Black Ops, Halo, etc.) and ping status on the games is usually 4/4 bars or 3/4 bars. We didn't get a Static IP address, and it seems joining/hosting games is good. I'm using UPnP on our Baffalo WHR-HP-G300N, so NAT is open on Xbox Live. I do online gaming as well, but with the Playstation 2, 3 and Nintendo Wii. Concluding right now, online gaming is great!

With installation of a WISP, can be high costing for some. Luckily, with already having Wireless with Omnicity, installation came down to $39.95. Installation for new customers (never having Wireless) is $99.95, and as said for existing/if you moved is $39.95. As for my installation, it was actually done the next day! Steve was my installer, nice to meet him after a couple of years! Installation was very quick, less than 30 minutes. I had the area in my room where Omnicity installed easy for him to get what he needed done. Being involved with Wireless technology, ZigWireless uses different. They use TDMA technology (4G networks;like mobile phones/mobile broadband). Just like other Wireless technology I've used or read, weather won't affect your connection. The picture below is the antenna they used. I like it, very small and not noticable on the house.

With equipment, it seems from the researching of the antenna installed, it's an Ubiquiti NanoStation M. I'm not sure if it's a NanoStation M2, M365, or M5. It maybe a M5 for 5GHz... just not sure. As with any other antennas, it has a standard POE adapter (power supply for the antenna) with 24V.


All in all, ZigWireless is recommended for those located away from towns and cities. If the only options are: other WISP that don't provide good service or very costly, Satellite (HughesNet, WildBlue, etc.), or the ancient Dial-Up.. you need to check them out!

I may update this review in the future, if needed.

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