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Six Month Rating

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Review by BellFibeFan See Profile

  • Location: Montreal
  • Cost: $64 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Stable Service and Speed are as Advertized"
Bad "Price is bit high but still well worth it"
Overall "Excellent service!!!"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
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I order Fibe 25 / 7 on November 25th from Bell.ca and install was scheduled for Monday the 28th from 12pm to 5pm

Installer arrived at around 2:30pm was very friendly and polite.
He ran completely new wiring inside/outside and install a NID outside.
He spent sometime talking to bell on phone and them my service was and running few minutes later.

I have had this service now for little over week and downloaded OpenSuse 12.1 under 23 minutes at 3mbit/s

Most download when the servers on the other end are willing and able to provide the speed go very fast.

Youtube/Netflix stream are great to watch have rarely had stream start buffering.

I did notice a little slowdown during peak usage times but this was once or twice for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

DNS servers seem bit sluggish at times during day as get looking up host for little bit but sorts itself out this as occured least 4 times but it's minor annoyance and can always switch to using OpenDNS.

I have cap of 100GB of month normaly use about 80GB monthly when was with VDN

Feel free add request for test you like me to run and will post results here.

I will update this mini review in few weeks.

UPDATE Jan 17 2012:
Service is still rock solid but finding it hard stay under my cap think 100gb cap it too little but otherwhise still very happy with my service from Bell Internet.

I have noticed bit of slowdown during peak times more often but falling to 23mbit during these times is nothing to really complain about.

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updated 2.6 years ago


Download Limit?

A very positive review, but what's the download limit on this service? Knowing Bell I have a feeling it's not a lot. Also they count 1 Gigabyte as 1000 Megabytes, when it's actually 1024.


Re: Download Limit?

Sorry about that:
I edited the review with infomation you requested.
My cap is 100GB

Bell is not very generous cap wise but 100GB it will do for now.
I was tempted to go with Teksavy fibe package as it seem to be a better deal but fact Tek as to deal with bell anyway made easier decision because prefer to deal with Bell directly.



Re: Download Limit?

I could see it maybe if it was 100 gigabytes per day but not per month. This is some of if not the lowest caps in the entire world.


Re: Download Limit?

100gb a day is bit excessive when add it when month's over but can easily get an extra 120gb added for 16$ not bad but just do not use that much anyway.

3mbit/s for most of my download is great for me.
The speed was reason to upgrade the caps is not deal break for me

Montreal, QC

Keep an eye on your usage

Keep an eye on your usage. The bandwidth tracker is known to 'make up' traffic. And when you go over the limit, it's not at 6$/40GB.


Re: Keep an eye on your usage

I have my own meter and they are both in sync so far.