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Six Month Rating

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Review by docbill See Profile

  • Location: Stoney Creek,ON
  • Cost: $75 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Very fast upload"
Bad "Rediculous quotas, and constant billing errors"
Overall "would not recommend, constantly changing terms, billing rates, caps, ..."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
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My review originally appeared under Bell Sympatico. I am now adding this review to this new Bell listing.

It is now 2012 and I am back with Bell again. A door to door salesman sold me on a triple play package free for 6 months. It is however a 2 year contract, which will cost me $300 to disconnect early, and there is a $30 activation fee. I don't really need the satellite TV or the bell phone line. After 6 months, I changed my contract so for the internet portion I am now billed $65/month + $10 for 80 GB extra usage - $10 promotion discount - $4 bundled discount + tax. The bundled discounts make computing my total monthly cost difficult. But with tax I am paying $101 for 28/10 internet + the Good internet satellite package. Don't try to find this deal on the web, this is what I ended up after arguing with Bell to fix there almost monthly billing mistakes.

First the good:

The install service was excellent. The Bell tech showed up on time, and rewired my phone line. I hadn't used the line in years, when I had cancelled the regular phone line one of the reasons was phone picked-up radio signals and the DSL was dog slow. However, with the new Fibe connection I am getting the advertised 25/7 without the same speed both to Bell's test sight, and my favourite speed test site in the US. The Bell router has wireless N, two USB ports, and four LAN ports. Overall it seems like fairly solid hardware. Later I cancelled the phone line and upgraded to 25/10. Again the speed is exactly as advertised.

Now the not so good:

The technician could only connect the router within three feet of the phone jack. So I had to run my own 100 ft cable to get the connection to my computer. The wireless service seems fair, but not as good as my Asus RT-16N.

Now the bad:

For the first month of service the bandwidth counter was way off. Eventually that got corrected. The phone line was installed incorrectly. The wired the outlet so the internet line and the phone line were wired together. I fixed that myself. Eventually though I cancelled the phone line, because of constant harassing phone calls (even though I never gave ANYONE the new number) and the obscene monthly price for a line that was lower quality than my VOIP.

When I upgraded my network speed and cancelled the phone line, Bell forgot to process the order to cancel the phone line and to add dry-loop. When I called to check on the cancel order they did the cancel right away, but did not add the dry-loop. So I was without internet for 3 days. They also decided to count changing my internet service as a cancel, and charged me the cancellation fee. They also charged me $65 for what was suppose to be one of my free months.

Billing errors happened on almost a monthly basis. The last two months have finally been without error. I think each time I called and ultimately went through the customer retention process because I said I wanted to cancel, I ultimately ended up ahead as a result. However, saving 1 or 2 dollars a month eventually isn't nearly worth the aggravation.

Because I don't trust Bell, I did not cancel my Cogeco service until I had used Bell for a month. After 5 months I finally ordered service from Start.ca, because one internet service, especially Bell is simply too unreliable. Anytime there is a Bell truck in the neighbourhood, I can count on the internet being down for half a day.

I like the reliability and bandwidth of having two providers. So currently I have both Bell and Start. However, I received a notice a rate increase on January 13th, 2013. I just called and got an additional discount to compensate, but I will wait and see if the discount really shows up on my bill.

- update 2013-02-25 -

The promised discounts showed up in January, then in February they dropped off as well as one of the other discounts I was already receiving. Net effect, my bill went up even higher than it was before. I called Bell, and again they are apply a set of discounts. Not enough really to stick with them, but enough for me to hold my breath a bit and see if TekSavvy does a sign-up special this spring rather than switching right away.

- update 2013-02-26 -

That does I'm dumping Bell. On the 4th of February they sent me a letter my usage limit was being raised 15 GB per month to 140 GB. With my 80 GB per month I was purchasing that brought me up to 220 GB. To day I logged into my account and see on the 13th they dropped me down to a total of 175 GB and again raised my rates. Of course there was no e-mail notifying of the drop in usage limits, or this new raise in rates. All I can say is Bell Canada sucks. They are not trust worthy in any sense of the word. I'm dropping them tomorrow and that is it.

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Bell Fibe Support

Bell Fibe support is the worst. I signed up for the service a few weeks ago and, unbeknownst to me, they turned my service off. Whoops! A tech support agent came to my place and was unable to solve the problem. Whoops! He indicated that the service would be up and running once head office opened on Monday.

That was a long shot. The service was not re-instated. Back to square one.

Fast forward to today (which I guess I could do if my TV was working). My service is still not running and I am sitting on the line with call support (… clock ticking by).

Here’s a surprise… call support is unhelpful (not as bad as last time though, when I got hung up on). And, of course there’s the same useless protocols which do not help fix the problem. And I have to explain the problem and my frustrations again and again.

Why am I on the phone this time you ask? Great question! Because another tech support agent was supposed to come today between 8 am and 12 pm. No show. Whoops!

Now I am on the line explaining my situation again and I still don’t have TV or Internet. It’s been over 1 week!

Screw you Bell Fibe. Don't get it. Go with Rogers or any other provider with a clue!

North York, ON

Bell Fibe

So I got a call about a week ago from a Bell rep. I was offered 1 yr home phone (free - no monthly fees, no contract), 1 yr fibe internet (free - no monthly fees, no contract), and 1 yr fibe tv (free - no monthly fees, 1 year contract after the initial free year). Naturally I didn't turn down a year of free services (specially since they claim they are supplying the highest tier of services they have). After doing very little research to confirm what I already knew (that true fiber optics in the city doesn't really exist, since it's fiber optics to the building, then the standard twisted phone line to my unit). Needless to say, I do plan on keeping my current services from Rogers, since we all know Bell is unreliable. Anyways, I have the installation rep here. Once he's done here, I'm going to run a few speed tests, including a few downloads over a gig (for both my current 25/10 Rogers, and the new 25/10 Bell), and let you guys know whats what.

Stoney Creek, ON
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·Bell Sympatico

Re: Bell Fibe

Really the biggest thing that is unreliable about Bell is the billing. Even a "free" promotion period, won't be free unless you end-up calling them up after they try billing you for misc charges they didn't mention. My suggestion is assuming the connect you correctly, keep them for the free year, then pay the cancellation fee to drop them. Don't let them talk you into keeping service for even one extra month. Unless of course during that year they get their act together...