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  • Location: Etobicoke,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Some of the tech people were helpful and knowledgable"
Bad "The whole thing was a fiasco and a huge waste of my time."
Overall "Run away screaming."
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My Other Reviews

·Rogers Hi-Speed
Bell announced their new Fibe service in my neighbourhood (this was late Fall 2011) and had a good promotion so I signed up for their mid-tier service.

I met a Bell tech person at the house (I didn't live there yet) but he was unable to get the service working. More service calls and trips ensued until I was eventually told that the middle tier service was not possible - that it was not possible where I lived and shouldn't have been sold to me - so they changed my modem and dropped me to the lowest tier of service.

The first problem I had was that I was still in Bell's systems as having the mid-tier service and modem, which caused a variety of problems, including the fact that they never stopped billing me for the mid-tier service. (When I eventually cancelled the service they wanted two modems back!)

The other problem was that the promotional pricing disappeared - so I was being charged full price for a level of service I didn't even have. When I gave them all the information about the call on which I arranged to get the promotion they told me that the call and the deal simply didn't exist. I was greatly relieved when they eventually changed their minds about that - one is pretty powerless when told that the call never happened!

However, I was still paying for a level of service I didn't have and the level of service I did have was inadequate. Speed tests revealed I was getting less then the lowest tier of service - the last tech person had warned me that my house was too far from something, so this wasn't a total surprise in the end - so I gave up and cancelled.

I never got reimbursed for being charged for a higher level service then I had, but at that point my energy was spent.

On their side, to the very end the tech people knew I had been degraded to the lowest level of service and didn't think I should have been sold any service at all, while the billing system/dept continued to believe that I had mid-tier service and everything was fine.

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