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Six Month Rating

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Review by Dunlop See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $125 per month
  • Install: about 90 days
Good "Great UI for FibeTV,whole home PVR, internet is stable"
Bad "Every invoice is a crapshoot of what the total amount will be, pulled promotion"
Overall "Stay away if possible"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I was offered a pretty good promotion in December which convinced me to sign up and cancel my accounts with Videotron and ElectronicBox.

The installation process went very smoothing until the last step of activation my channels, which was not possible because Bell brought the system down across Canada for maintenance. It took about 3 calls to get that resolved and I was up and running.

TV: Love the UI, whole home PVR and amount of On Demand channels
Intenet: Only getting 10% of my promised upload speed, 100% download (15/1), no issues with disconnects. IP address changed frequently.

Invoices: Each invoice is a list of charges and credits, it is almost like a program that throws in stuff to see what they can get away with. My fun began yesterday when I was charged for my PVR (the promo I signed up for was free PVR for 3 years and then I won it).

I called in thinking it was yet another billing mistake and was told that I should have never been offered this promotion because I signed up for 2 services. It is an obvious attempt to force me to get either a cell phone or home phone with them, neither of which is an option.

edit: escalated the complaint via their web portal and the credit was re-applied.

I have been with Videotron for over a decade (ironically after leaving Bell for similer issues, lol) and never had a problem like this. I will most likely be going back with them.

Update Oct 2013- Monthly price has been stable. Had a single issue where my internet went out (and learned you cannot access even your recorded shows on the PVR when it happens) but they sent a tech the next day and it was resolved quickly

Update March 2015 - Neighborhood was updated to FTTH and I switched over to 50/50 unlimted. Everything still going smoothly

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Hello dunlop

Intenet: Only getting 10% of my promised upload speed, 100% download (15/1), no issues with disconnects. IP address changed frequently.

When it comes to the fibe internet serivce, It is 100% in areas better then videotron, reason why you where getting 1 Uploaded with the 15/10 internet plan, was probley the same issue I had I changed out my old lines for my internet.

I have the 80/30 with Unlimited and I use to only get 50/15 out of it, but as soon as I updated my lines, I now get 79.6/9.9

Stoney Creek, ON
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Yep, it is a crap shoot.

Last time I used Bell I had to argue with them every month over the bill. Talking with the first level associate was always pointless, so I got so everytime I would say I wanted to cancel my account. Of course I really did want to cancel my account, I was so upset, but I was still at that time willing to keep it if I got what I was promised.

In the end, overall I paid about the amount I had expected to when I signed the contract, really if I count all the hours spent on the phone it wasn't worth it. My suggestion, is as soon as you are free and clear of your contract go with someone else. If you find a good deal, pay the fee to get out early. (That will also be higher than what you were told...)