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Six Month Rating

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Review by monhault See Profile

  • Location: Canada
  • Cost: $65 per month
Bad "3 service calls, 3 weeks + of connection drops, 2 modems, 1 rewire and still no end in sight"
Overall "Fibe ain't fab. You'd be better off sitting in a Starbucks and getting free wifi."
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After 10 years with Bell, using a dry loop, I'm switching to Rogers. My connection has gone from stable to flaky to downright absent. Odds are it'll drop two or three times while I write this review.

For over 3 weeks now the connection has been unstable, dropping and resetting day and night. I've had repeated chats with online support, with escalated support, with network support, with the Bell techs here. I've gone through the fault resolution tree more times than I can remember - "is the unit plugged in sir?" - and had two field techs come out. One of those resulted in a re-wire from pole to home, and neither of which fixed the issue. An attempt to swap out the modem didn't change anything, other than giving me a new password to remember. I live in downtown Toronto, less than 1 km from the CO and half a block from a very thick fibre bundle running down the main street. So, after all this up and downtime, I'm done.

Numerous techs have reported seeing multiple and ongoing faults on the line, but no one seems to know how to fix them. So, after all that, and getting a note that my service is jumping $3 a month in November, with no effort on Bell's part to make good on the missing service (I called and asked, they didn't feel like doing that), I'm going over to Rogers. Do yourself a favour, when your Bell connection starts acting up, don't keep going back hoping they'll fix it. They won't.

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