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Review by Mango See Profile

  • Location: www.toao.net
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Probably the most reliable and most configurable PAYG VoIP provider"
Overall "April 2013 Invoices almost $3 USD - very satisfied"
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My Other Reviews

The title of my review is a joke based on the review before mine, from someone who spent nearly $4000 with CallWithUs. Despite both business and personal use of Anveo, I have not yet reached that level of commitment. This is somewhat of a disappointment - when a service provider is this good, I wish I could support them more by giving them tons of business. Perhaps I can send them some new customers with this review.

With the release of Anveo's new features, I decided to update my review. Anveo Direct now offers extremely configurable call termination services. Among other features I've never used before, I can now choose a specific carrier I want to use, configure least cost routing in many different ways, selectively block specific routes, view a SIP trace for each call, and allow audio to travel directly from the carrier to my phone.

I find direct audio particularly exciting because not many service providers support it. I use a Linksys SPA921 with "Handle VIA received" and "Handle VIA rport" turned on, behind a Tomato router with no port forwarding. The SPA921 is registered to my Asterisk server which handles routing calls to Anveo Direct, and it has directmedia and directrtpsetup turned on for all peers. So far, on the routes I've tested, this works perfectly.

As for Anveo Retail, it now supports Canadian CNAM for outgoing calls. As usual I enjoy using its Call Flow Builder to easily build complex routes for my phone number. Anveo uses DNS SRV for failover and its carrier will automatically route inbound calls to backup equipment, if the primary equipment should fail. I think this is effective as I do not notice regular downtime.

I often see people complain that Anveo's website is complex or that their user interface is difficult to use. I found it no more difficult to learn than any other service provider. In fact I timed myself the first time I used it. It took me under 8 minutes to go from zero to having a working phone with voicemail. (I deleted the default call flow because I wanted to see if I could set it up intuitively.) True, anything could be made simpler, but I can think of no way to do so while maintaining the level of control users currently have. If you require a VoIP service provider that is extremely reliable, cost-effective, and has features that make call routing as close as possible to limitless, I think Anveo is the one.

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