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Review by zong See Profile

  • Location: Scarborough,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Very Little"
Bad "Horrendous Network Management and Lacking Customer Service"
Overall "Stay Away"
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Also reviewed under mycybernet.net, however this is the new owner.

I am officially giving these guys an F for service.

They used to have people manning the offices on the weekend when they were mycybernet. As of Friday afternoon their gateway router - my default gateway had been flapping up and down. As of last night it is down down. What kind of ISP doesn't monitor their own routers? What kind of ISP doesn't have a network admin at least on call? I left a voice message but I suspect it won't be heard until monday. I run a network at a medium sized law firm and I monitor all that stuff. If my users needed me to reboot something, I would even on a weekend! This is ridiculous and completely unprofessional.

I can forgive them for having to deal with the regulatory hell that Bell is. I can forgive them for not being able to offer me anything more than Legacy GAS DSL (a whole 3mpbs for me, connected to the central office), but I cannot forgive them for their craptastic network management and lack of monitoring the phone lines.

The first call I make on Monday is to cancel and switch to another provider.

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