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Review by BoogaBooga See Profile

  • Location: North York,ON
  • Cost: $32 per month
Good "5GB/ month soft cap (may or may not be limited to 256kbps after), no contracts!"
Bad "Upload is anywhere from 1-4 mbps, download is less than 100kbits"
Overall "Hard to beat at $29 a month!"
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Connection reliability:
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The plan:

I signed up for the $45 'Infinite Laptop' plan with a promotional price of $29 for one year. The plan boasts 'Unlimited Usage' and (up to?) 7.2 mbps service. Their ITM for 'laptop data' devices (as opposed to phone data) only blocks port 25 with all other ports open. Wind does employ a fair-usage policy where data usage over 5GB (within a month) may (or may not) cause your connection to be limited to 256kbps download and 128kbit upload for the remainder of the billing cycle.

The hardware:

The modem I have is the Huawei E583C Pocket Hotspot. It comes with a sim card and you also get a phone number to receive SMS messages. The hotspot can host 5 wireless clients (802.11b/g) and an additional connection via USB for a total of 6 clients. The hotspot offers a wide range of security options (WPA/WPA2, firewall, client isolation, Wi-Fi Protected Setup etc..). There is a micro SD slot where files can be stored and downloaded using the web GUI. There is also an antenna connector, but the manual does not say anything about it. The device is configured via a web browser GUI where you can also send and read SMS messages.

The downside of the device is the battery life. With one device tethered in close proximity, the battery only lasted about 3.5-4 hours on a full charge. I expected lower power consumption, but it is a pretty small battery (1400mAh, 5WH) after all.

The service:

The wireless service was activated at the time of purchase. The battery had a charge out of the box and internet was available almost immediately. I get full bars indoors in my area. At work (near square one), the signal fluctuates between 100% - 70%. The wifi signal is pretty strong within the same room, I have not tested the wifi signal when in different rooms.

The ping varies from 150-400ms over a wifi link (and is a bit lower when using the USB connection). Downstream speed varies between 1-4 mpbs. The upload speed is a bit of an issue. It clocks in at around 50-60 kbits, which I find to be a complete disappointment. I have not done a lot of testing but I will update this review if there is improvement.

The bottom line:

If you travel a lot (within the wind home zone) and you require an internet connection, you should seriously consider the Infinite Laptop plan. I do not know what the other providers plans are like, but $29 for a 5+GB/month plan is hard to beat.


I have cancelled the service after a month of usage. Speed was inconsistent and device battery life was about 2 hours.

It's a shame they did not have good coverage. Will seriously consider again if I can get a more consistent connection.

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