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Review by a1_Andy See Profile

  • Location: Oshawa,ON
  • Cost: $39 per month
Good "Price"
Bad "Sales and support will bullshit,5 GB cap even with added tethering"
Overall "Good as long as you don't plan on useing the"
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Install process:
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I've had this Android phone with Wind for 1 year now. When last years promo was used up I was forced to choose a new plan. $29.00 for "Unlimited Text Voice and Data" seemed like a good deal + add $10 for the luxery of tethering.

I was hit with a phantom $20 "fee" for switching to this plan (Remember I was forced to change plans as my old one was done). So Winds No Hiden fee's is BS.

Was told by the Wind dealer that the 5GB cap is not enforced with tethering because the phone is being used as a modem and wind knows that.

I have used 11GB this month at 300 KBps (just bought 1 game and updated a old one). Then I got throttled to 30KBps down 10KBps up (makeing Google maps useless). When I called them they said "It is world regulation that all ISP's throttle after 10GB" of usage.

So time to see if Mobile City is truely unlimited data as some have reported because wind's unlimited is bullshit advertising. When being throttled to this speed one can't use more than 230 GB this month useing it 24/7. (wonder how fast I would have gotten throttled if I was in a area where I could get the 1600KBps).

Bottem line is I'm not happy why advertise lie's Wind?

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