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  • Location: Toronto,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Paper bills, Decently priced"
Bad "Doesn't honour warrant, Voice quality on par with VOIP providers like TekTalk & Magicjack, Local calls sound like overseas calls"
Overall "Of all the providers available quality of service is the worst, but not the worst in terms of pricing."
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About two years ago I heard there was a promotion going on down at the Wind Mobile location near my home at the Yonge & Bloor location in Toronto, they were giving away Blackberry 9780's every hour and one month of free service.

I went down there and within minutes I was one of the lucky ones who won a free Blackberry 9780 and one month of free service. The sign up process was very simple, but they did want to check my ID which I thought was rather strange. I was up and running within 10 minutes of entering the store.

After going home I started to inspect the quality of the service and I was not impressed at all. Voice quality was on par with the stories I've heard of MagicJack, TekTalk, and other VOIP services. You are unable to talk more than 2 hours without being disconnected.

The voice prompts are also extremely childish. "The person you are calling is like, busy right now. Try back in a while okay?" "The person you are calling is super popular and busy right now." and so on. All in a high school girl kind of voice.

How can anyone in their right mind use this service for business purposes with voice prompts like that? I was embarrassed when I received calls forwarded from my Rogers account to my new Wind service. Some people who called and left messages made snide remarks regarding the voice prompts. I was humiliated and I am not saying that lightly.

I called Wind regarding this matter but I was on hold for more than an hour before a call centre in Egypt picked up. I know he was in Egypt because that's where he said he was when I asked him. He was very unprofessional and asked how much I earned in a month, and what my ethnicity was. I could hardly believe what I was hearing.

The "gentleman" told me that the voice prompts could not be changed, which didn't surprise me because of the already shoddy service I was experiencing from Wind. When inquired about the dropped calls he said "You need to get used to it". I think that says it all.

When I complained about the call quality sounding all garbled and had a 3 second delay the CSR informed me that is the way Huawei has set up the towers and there is nothing he can do about it. At that point I decided I will not be continuing this free month of service and told the CSR I was speaking to this. He didn't seem to care.

I cancelled the service and went to Mobilicity and have been with them since.

There is not much else to say except that a month ago the Wind Blackberry provided to me from Wind stopped working entirely. I went down to the store that gave me that blackberry to inform them I'd like them to replace it or repair it. They told me "Sorry sir, that was a free Blackberry you won from us, those are exempt from warranty." I told him that response to me is exactly why I left Wind 2 years ago and why they never got a penny from me to this day.

Stay away from Wind unless you are getting service for free and even then I'd suggest you think twice.

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Another hilarious review...thanks Doc.

You won a FREE blackberry from them, which you used after cancelling the service practically immediately (within the first month) and probably used the FREE blackberry for 2 years after the fact.

Then 2 years later it broke and you went to WIND to warranty it? LOL, you cannot pay for this kind of comedy...
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haha this doctor guy should go see one he's really screwed in the head!