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Review by dillyhammer See Profile

  • Location: Scarborough,ON
  • Cost: $85 per month
Good "$85 for 2 lines, unlimited everything + tethering. It's NOT ROBELLUS. :)"
Bad "Spotty coverage in some areas, throttled data after 10G"
Overall "Decent service, dirt cheap for 2 lines"

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My Wind connection doubles as my internet backup, so if Rogers farts around or whatever, I'm covered. And it has come to that a few times. I can get 12/1 out of my phone no problem, which is as good or better than any aDSL2+ connection I can get here.

The coverage is spotty on some areas and inside certain buildings.

Almost all CSR personnel I have spoken to are either offshore or TFW - poor English and worse CS skills. Point being, don't call them unless you have to.

Also, don't be fooled by their lack of contracts. Their Windtab is the same damn thing, just works a little differently but the end result is the same - it costs you big bucks to leave before your tab is paid off.

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